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5 New Year Money Saving Challenges 2019 (w/ Printable) That Save $1000+

new year money saving challenge

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Money saved, my friend, is twice as sweet as money earned.

We are walking into the year 2019 with high spirits and bags full of optimism. The first blank page of a 365-page book, they say.

Every year calls for new resolutions- the epitome of human promise to oneself promises that were meant to be but couldn’t be. Have you ever noticed that these resolutions are (at most times) about financial or fitness goals?

Well, today we’ll talk about the financial goals- New Year is quite a reason to rethink our finances, and we have a bouquet of New Year money saving challenges here. You can choose one according to your whims and fancies.

These challenges are for everyone- you know who you are: maybe a student, a 9 to 5 jobber, unemployed, or a retiree; scroll to that section and Get your tailor-made New Year Money Saving Challenge Printable- For Freeeee!

Can’t relate to any of these New Year money saving challenges? We have the Every Buck Counts New Year Money Saving Challenge which suits everyone! Click here to get the free printable and read away to know more!

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No Dough, No Show

This time, we are going to make sure that you get through the New Year money saving challenge, irrespective of which one you take up.

Here’s a checklist of things you’d need for following any New Year money saving challenge:

  • A source of income (don’t have one? Check these out)
  • A Piggybank to stuff coins and bankrolls (an old sock would do)
  • Guts to make it through the challenge

Hey! These three things don’t cost you money, eh? Now that you have the first two, all you need is some motivation to make it through the challenge- and that is MONEY… LOTS OF IT… ALL YOURS.

I guess the money motive is more than enough for you to stick to a New Year money saving challenge of your choice.

Let’s go through four of the most popular New Year money saving challenges present on the internet, along with free printables up for grabs.

PS. If you’re one for short goals, try the 30-day money saving challenge.

The Every Buck Counts New Year Money Saving Challenge is for everyone and saves you a truckload of money. Have a look at it (and the others) and take your pick.

For Everyone: The Every Buck Counts New Year Money Saving Challenge

Savings: $1000

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you the living legend amongst all New Year money saving challenges.

The challenge which has been tried and tested to the core by our expert researchers, and implemented on lab-rats like me: this is the Every Buck Counts New Year Money Saving Challenge.

Saving that much money has never been easier and cheaper. What if I tell you that you can save $1000 in a matter of eleven months, and you start with saving just $5 the first week? Is this real life?

With EBC New Year money saving challenge, it is possible!

How It Works

  1. First of all, download EBC’s New Year Money Saving Challenge printable for FREE!
  2. Now you’ve got two choices- You can save money every week according to the challenge…
  3. Or you can have some fun, cut out the chits and put ‘em in a bowl.
  4. Draw a chit every single day of the week and put the given money in the piggybank.
  5. Hey! You don’t have to save every month. There will be weeks when you’ll draw the $0 chit!
  6. At the end of 2019, you’ll be $1000 richer!

We know there will be a week where you won’t have money to save; that’s why we put four $0 chits there. See? We care for you!

Download the FREE Every Buck Counts New Year Money Saving Challenge printable and get ready to save $1000 nice and easy!

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For Students: 52-week New Year Money Saving Challenge

Savings: $1378

This New Year money saving challenge is a timeless classic- you start from week one and save $1. Walk into week two and put $2 in that piggybank, week three? $3. Keep doing every passing week and see the magic.

Cut to week fifty-two of the year and you’d have $1378 in your piggybank. This is one of the cliché New Year money saving challenges that college students can easily take up and come out with an extra $1378 at the year-end.

If you’re looking for immediate results, then try the reverse 52-week New Year money saving challenge where you start with $52 savings on week one and when week fifty-two comes, you’d save just $1.

This challenge is a cliché alright, but it is the most popular New Year money saving challenge on the internet. I think it’s best for students as they don’t really have a lot to save in the first place.

As the 52-week New Year money saving challenge is for the Students, I suggest you follow the printable and start humbly.

Download Free Printable

For Breadwinners: Monthly Money Saving Challenge

Savings: $1440

For the one who puts food on the table- saving money is one helluva task. The expenses just keep coming from all four directions. I know how hard it is to follow a piece of paper especially when you got bills to pay.

This New Year money saving challenge makes saving money a bit easy for the sole earners of the family. If you can put aside $120 every month for the next 12 months, you’d be left with $1440 extra and it’s your reward!

This is a big ask, we know. But if (big if) you can’t put aside $120 every month, set an amount according to your income- it can be $20, $40, $anything! Just put the same amount aside in your piggybank each and every month.

This New Year money saving challenge is simple to follow. Just put $120 aside every month, no questions asked. Easy peasy! Get the printable and stay motivated while you’re at it.

Download Free Printable

For the Jobless: The Nickel Challenge

Savings: $500+

This New Year money saving challenge doesn’t really need a printable, and let’s face it, you’d never be jobless forever- it’s just a phase, my friend. It shall pass.

A source of income was prerequisite, we know. But while you’re on that unemployment check, save your change and watch it save you. If you’re in dire need of money, fill out some surveys like these and earn some bucks.

All you got to do is save some nickels and dimes- every time you hit the grocery stores or pick up doughnuts and coffee, anything you do, put that change into your vault.


We are giving you this printable in which you can scribble how much change you saved every single week, and that will add up to something big. Hey! When you get a job, switch to the Breadwinner challenge!

People have saved as much as $500 in a matter of three months just by putting all their clinkers in one place. You’d get a job soon, why don’t you save your change till then?

Download Free Printable

For Retirees: Save Your Savings Challenge

Savings: $1800

Okay, let me clear the confusion: for this challenge, you’d need to keep your money in a savings account, because that piggybank/sock might not be able to hold that much money.

The save your savings New Year money saving challenge is as easy as you like. You just need to check at the bottom of the receipt how much ‘discount’ you got on every purchase, and keep that money aside as your savings.

In a world where discounts are no longer a luxury as everyone offers them like my Nana offers candies on Halloween, it would be slick to put aside the money saved every time you shop. This would give you an added motivation to hunt for best deals.

One can save as much as $150 each month and with twelve months a year that’s $1800 (gives or takes). Just circle off the ‘You Save’ or ‘Discount’ amount on your receipt and zoom that money straight to your savings account. Easy!

You really don’t need a printable for this, just make it a habit and you’d be surprised at the end of 2019!

These are the best New Year money saving challenges that exist on the internet (and they actually work). It is rightly said that there’s no nobility in poverty, and you can’t call yourself poor if you have fat wads of cash stashed in your closet.

As for the Every Buck Counts New Year Money Saving Challenge, that one’s special and exciting; you won’t find a better one- One Size Fits All.

Now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been. Don’t follow these challenges as ‘resolutions’ or you might end up breaking them- make them a habit instead!


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