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No Money for the Holidays? We’ve got your Back!

money tips for the holidays

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The holiday season is a very bustling season and it is hard to keep track of things with so much going around. If you are like me who have become disoriented and have chosen to remain unperturbed (probably because there are just a couple of pennies to rub together) whilst the world is going Gaga amid the festivities, the Ghost of Christmas future could sneak up on you.

Having no money for the holidays is not the problem, not doing anything to improve your situation is a matter of huge concern. I know that things can get quite stingy at times and they soak up all the holiday fervor. Moreover, you have to give up on the whole thing because you feel there ‘s no point jumping in this late, right?

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1. Know your ground

It’s important to keep track of your finances even though you are teetering around the poverty line. It’s essential to know what all sorts of debt you owe, how much you are spending on various verticals. A budgeting app basically orders your finances into a more meaningful layout.

Charlie, a happy go lucky penguin who specializes in putting your finances in order, can save the day. There is no one better to turn to if your finances are all over the place. Just give him an refuge in your FB messenger and it shall direct the course from there.

2. Hop on the Shopping Express

What are you waiting for? The longer you will be searching for the best deals, the more you will be missing out on opportunities. If you can get started ahead of the Xmas, you can bag a few amazing deals even if you have missed them on Cyber Monday. Websites like Best Buy, Walmart, Chicgal, SVMoscow and Naked Zebra offer discounts all through the holiday season.

Not hibernating in sofas and sliding beneath the blankets will give you more time to search presents for your loved ones. Sitting tight and eyeing the target items will help you capitalize on flash deals whenever they come.

3. Trim those crappy subscriptions

What good are winters for if not for curling up on the couch and watching a show on Netflix? You have got Hulu and others as well, right? Snoozing off your subscriptions for a month won’t cost you much as you would have many things on your list this Christmas. Won’t be able to do it without subscriptions, then keep just one and dump the rest with Trim. Keep that subscription fees to spice up your holiday treat, maybe a few of them.

4. Be on a lookout for coupons and deals

Everybody thinks about online coupons nowadays, yet there are a lot more approaches to spare if you know where to look; restaurant.com, points.com, coupons.com, and groupon, etc.

Burrowing through your junk folder can be a decent method to gather up arrangements from nearby stores. Nearby organizations will likewise offer coupons by means of neighborhood daily papers and magazines also, so flying by a magazine rack can enable you to find bargains in your general vicinity.

5. Search through your Wallet

Your wallet can surprise you like anything, taking the time to hustle beyond credit and debit cards might unravel some blessings; Gift card. Got 5 bucks left at Starbucks, why not present your aunt with a small coffee bag. The next one says $3 left over at Target? That could translate to a couple of candy bars.

Had an oops moment? Well, we have sworn to not let you down. Here’s your Starbucks Gift Card absolutely free and who knows, you could savor your morning coffee for free.

6. Find your accomplice

Ever noticed the banners hanging across the shopping complexes, what do they say? Do shopping worth $500 and get 15% extra off and so and so. Actually, brands do this to persuade shoppers to spend more. So what if you don’t have that kind of a budget? You can still take benefit of such sales discount. Team up with your budget to avail special discounts, and then maybe you can split the bill in half or whatever way it works.

7. Don’t host parties, organize potlucks instead

All-time favorite – potlucks! When the party is at your place, then ask your friends to bring in some cuisines so the smorgasbord becomes even delightful and soothing.

You can either ask them to bring crock pots from home or either call ’em up early to prepare delights at your home. Try going for appetizers or finger food because they are easy to prepare, don’t cost much and adds up to the variety.

8. Secret Santa to the rescue

Rather than crying ‘no money for the holidays’, and somehow just somehow gifting everyone in your family and extended family, Secret Santa parties can help you arrange things of utility for a particular person.

You can also consider White elephant parties for recycling your old gifts. Who knows that the abandoned mountain bike from your college days is exactly the thing what someone wants.

There is a lot you can do, you only have to break the monotony of perspective. So, work your way through the holiday season with these sassiest money tips for the holidays.


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