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Ditch the Hotels, Plan Your Thanksgiving Weekend Getaway with Airbnb

thanksgiving weekend getaways

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It’s November folks and you are already brimming with enthusiasm as Thanksgiving is just around the corner, aren’t you? If you are a foodie then you must be going berserk; thinking about your sense of smell getting lit up with the aromatic smell of roasted turkeys, spice-infested cranberry sauces and the juicy pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving has so much to offer besides sumptuous cuisines, the get- together of families, the experiencing of warmth, the expressions of gratitude galore and cherishing the countless bounties of life.

There is More to Thanksgiving Than What Meets The Eye

There’s one more thing about Thanksgiving besides breathing a new life into the spiritual side of you and that is, Guess What? ‘Thanksgiving Weekend Getaways’, (you guessed it right).  An ideal Thanksgiving includes a weekend getaway with family so that you can reconnect with your loved ones and rekindle the bond of love and you have got to admit that you too are planning an escape with your clan on this Thanksgiving.

Not All Weekend Getaways are Perfect

What will be your Thanksgiving weekend getaway like? Haven’t given it a much thought? or would you go for that mundane beach escapes on the coasts? Well, you are missing the point altogether. You have been trying stays in the up-market hotels and plunging into opulence, or hitting the swarmed beaches on the coasts but they hardly, HARDLY do any good to you.  Don’t feel sorry if that’s the case with you because half of America is with you (that’s the best we could have said to console you).

A Place that is Serendipitous and Tranquil: A Match Made in Heavens

You have got to try something offbeat, something rustic which will make you more acquainted with the tranquil side of nature and restore your calm. A stay in a ranch house surrounded by green enclosures, a cabin atop the hills and or in a rustic tree house will rejuvenate your psyche for sure and you can find and book them at Airbnb.

Count on Airbnb

Airbnb has literally got it all, right from the basic stays to the fanciest accommodations. you just have to be clear about your inclinations and purpose and Airbnb will help you find a place which vibes with you. A bohemian beach house in Miami, a studio apartment in New York or a stay with locals in the vineyards of California, Airbnb brings all your fantasies to life. Moreover, with Airbnb, you could rent the whole house including full-stacked kitchen or the living room which comes in really handy when you are traveling in groups or when you have to cater yourself.

Your Wish, Airbnb’s Command

Airbnb offers you countless choices and you don’t see any cleaning fee or other miscellaneous expenses  (ways through which hotels make a hole in your pocket) added up to each day’s tally which more often than not translates to lower prices than the hotels.

Airbnb has got you sorted in regards to your this year’s Thanksgiving weekend getaway. Well, you will have to browse through the pages on the site for finding your dream accommodation (a bit of a hustle is good). EBC has handpicked some startling accommodations in or on the outskirts of the famous cities of U.S.A (you don’t have to go down the rabbit hole if you happen to be a local in one of the cities) which will leave you at the edge of the awe:-

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

The city of New Orleans has long been hailed for its electrifying nightlife but there is more to New Orleans beyond the glitz and the sizzle. New Orleans is a feeling, an indescribable emotion; ecstatic houses wrapped up in mellow colors, sumptuous indigenous cuisines and the enchanting crossroads of French, American and African culture do enough to leave the visitors unbound.

Hustle through abundant choices on this page and find what suits your taste

2. Austin, Texas

Austin is the perfect juxtaposition of green enclosures spread till the horizons and jaw-dropping sky-rises looking down to the lakes wearing the glimmering azure blue shrouds. The opportunities are endless for nature lovers who wish to get lost in its magnificence and experience the strange calmness which makes them more acquainted with their inner self.

Find your perfect retreat here.

3. Ellsworth Village, Michigan

No words are good enough to do justice to the enigma which Ellsworth is. A sluggish town mollycoddled in the lap of nature with pretty houses marring the lake and the skies reminiscing a Picasso’s masterpiece with mellow shades fusing into each other at dusk. The night is like a black shrug with glittering polka dots (stars) spread all over it.

Ellsworth is dotted with ethereal cottage, find one for yourself.

4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The melting point of history and what’s to come. Philly, as it’s lovingly called, has got many feathers to its cap and is dipped in rich history besides having a knack for glamour. Philly has successfully held its charm from the 1920s and it brags about its indigenous culture and glorious past in every Nook and cranny (subtly though).

Find accommodation that will ignite your senses.

5. Southampton, New York

Southampton never really lived under the shadow of NYC, it’s, in fact, a class apart. Southampton offers chances galore to have a private beach all for yourself, something which the dwellers of NYC won’t gulp in for the rest of their lives. PERIOD

Find your options

6. Atlanta, Georgia

The Medina of the U.S (Radiance, torchbearer) of civil rights moment has many things to brag about besides museums and some of the world’s richest libraries. The outskirts are like a time-travel where visitors feel that they have been teleported to the 19th century; rustic ranch houses which have dived into the ocean of legacy (doing a cannonball).

Find some otherworldly abodes.

7. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis likes to blend things up, serving guests plentiful bits of both refined city life and countryside’s life of domesticity. St Louis has a lot of wild places and huge expanses, where the winding valleys welcome bold excursions or simply some laid-back wandering on the wagon.

Find some nonchalant spaces

8. Chicago, Illinois

Wearing the crown of the ultra-modern skyline on its head, dabbed with sassy buildings and furbished with architecture which is way ahead of the time, Chicago is a treat to one’s senses. Its history itself is sufficient enough to make it a place of the pilgrim for the travelers.

Look for your options here.

9. Pacific Grove, California

A summer retreat, a safe refuge from the scorching heat of California. Pacific Grove has maintained its quaint and is totally strange to the rat-races of the world. The alleys are lined with new classical, Victorian houses and the daunting lighthouse is surrounded by a bustling yet soothing downtown.

Find someplace by the coast.

Now that we have unearthed some of the finest places across the U.S which could also serve as the perfect getaway on this Thanksgiving weekend, you ought to make the most out it.

PS: There are more unchartered territories in and on the outskirts of your native town, you just have to search through the pages of Airbnb and its easy filters and friendly interface shall direct your course to your perfect Thanksgiving weekend getaway.


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