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Want to Save Money on Clothes? Follow these 23 Steps Religiously

how to save money on clothes

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I understand wanting to look like your favorite celebrity on the red carpet. Or how some think they have dressed down when on some sandy beaches but really have a $1000 piece of cloth on them. It is all fancy until you look at your bank statement and a mini heart attack gets you.

So, for today, ladies and gentlemen, we are on the “how to save money on clothes” topic.

If you want to achieve your financial freedom this year, start by saving money. And your wardrobe is one of the places to start with. How to do it? Here we go:

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1. Do not shop in-season

Or a few weeks to the season for that matter. Retailers know when people are shopping for the coming season. It is 2 weeks to winter and most of you have not replaced their worn-out boots, scarves and trench coats. Yeah, we see you. So we are going to hike the price a little bit because either way, you need them for the upcoming cold season.

Save some bucks on any season’s piece of clothing buy shopping out of season. Even if it deep into the heart of summer and you see a nice trench coat, buy it. Chances are the price will shoot up so high when it is almost winter season and your bank will feel the debt effect.

2. Buy generic brands for the basics

Especially when you are buying layering clothes. They are on the inside and no one will really see the brand name- if that is what you are aiming for. Buy the generic ones for such piece of clothes and save the money for brand names for clothes people can see, like a nice dress or pair of jeans.

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3. You do not have to go with the trend

Really, you do not have to go with the trend. Even if Karen from next door bought the latest denim from Mother Denim. We all know that fashion trends come and go. Some do not last long enough for one to enjoy the clothes they bought due to “pressure”.

Imagine buying a piece of cloth for $200 and then tossing it in a suitcase after 2 months. Also, imagine having to spend that or much more every time there is a trendy piece of clothing you feel you have to buy. By the end of the year, you will have spent over $1000 on clothes that went out of fashion. Clothes you bought just because they were trendy then not because you really needed them.

Unless what is trending in the fashion world fits your style and you feel that you need it, really feel you need it. If not, then pass and save that money for other uses.

4. Shop using coupon Apps

There quite a number of coupon apps and sites out there that can save you some extra bucks on your clothing purchases. Ebates, for example, gives you a wide variety of retailers to choose from as well as earning you some cash back.

You can also scout for coupons here when you are shopping. Groupon is also another great place you can get coupons and better deals for your clothing purchases.

5. Price tracking

With price tracking, you can compare store prices, check the pricing history and get alerts when prices drop. This will help you buy clothes at the right moment when the prices have dropped.

Speaking of which, have you signed up with Paribus? If not, this is your cue. Paribus tracks prices of their user’s online purchases. If the prices have dropped shortly have your purchase, they negotiate a refund on your behalf.

All you have to do is give them access to receipts in your inbox and to send standardized emails on your behalf. Sit back and wait for them to negotiate on your behalf. You might get back a few dollars from your online purchases.

6. Use cash

To avoid impulse buying, purchase your clothes using cash. This is my number one rule on how to save money on clothes. I cannot count the number of times I have passed on buying some clothes simply because I did not have enough cash or my credit card with me. I never regret it actually, because a few days down the line I realize that I really never needed it.

If for any reason you cannot avoid using your credit or debit card to buy clothes, then get Drop. Drop is an app that earns you rewards every time you swipe your cards. Just link your cards with them and you get a chance to earn points on your purchase. You can redeem your Drop points later for gifts cards.

7. Check the tags

Before you even take it to the dressing room for fitting, check the tag. What are the cleaning options available? Clothes with a dry clean only tag will keep draining your bank months after you have bought them.

Any time you drop that piece of cloth at your dry cleaners shop you will have to cough up some bucks for the services. Go for clothes that are good with your washer and save some bucks from the word go.

8. Treat your clothes like delicate items

While we are on the subject of taking care of swimsuits, it should not only apply to them. Apply this rule to any piece of cloth you own. When it comes to washing, not every piece of cloth you own is going to be machine washable. The delicate ones, especially those that might shrink, can be hand washed.

Additionally, when storing your clothes, do not clamp too many of them in a drawer. If space is full then store them somewhere else. Do not forget to fold them nicely too.

9. Accessorize

If I told you that you can buy a piece of second-hand cloth from the thrift shop and pull a thousand dollar look would you believe me? The secret to this is accessorizing. Match that dress with the best jewelry you can afford or with other clothing items like scarfs. For men, you can get a cute and fancy tie and a pair of happy socks.

10. Pay your neighborhood thrift shop a visit

That’s right. Every now and then, when you feel you need to buy clothes, check if there is anything really cool at the thrift shop that fits you. You might get something really fancy and at a lower price than you would get from the retail store. You might have to be patient though because going through a pile of clothes is not that easy.

11. Embrace DIY

You do not have to be a fashion designer or make your own clothes. However, you can finally embrace your creative fashionista side and play around with some of the unwanted clothes. I have seen ladies making beautiful tops out of old sweaters and shirts.

If you own a sewing machine, learn the basics from the internet and you are good to go. It is not a must that you have a sewing machine though. If you are good with a needle and thread, maybe a pair of scissors too, then you are good to go. You might actually make great pieces from the clothes you have not used in ages.

12. Sell the unwanted

All those clothes you have in a suitcase in the garage can be sold for some extra dollars. Not only will it create some space in your house but also earn you some extra money to spend on new clothes.

13. Raid your friend’s wardrobe

You probably have a friend that is the same size as you and probably the same taste in fashion. Maybe they have outgrown their clothes but they look good in you. Why not do an exchange program. We do that every now and then with my friends. Saves me from buying clothes that I know I can get for free.

14. On sale? Pass!

Just because something is on sale does not mean you have to buy it. Not when you are planning on wearing that dress at the next wedding you get invited to.

If you do not need it at that moment then that $35% off is not a good deal. This applies to flash sales too. Unless, of course, you want to shop for the next season and you are sure you will use what you buy.

15. Use ONLY 1 swimsuit

Like really, just one great swimsuit and forget about the others. It is better to invest in only one, even if it is a designer and expensive, as long as it is of great quality. Some people have used theirs for 3 years and still counting.

Problem with buying many knock-off swimsuits is that a few months down the line you will have to replace them. You will finally spend more money on the cheap ones than you would if you bought a quality one and took great care of it.

16. It is not a sin to borrow

Do you have an upcoming special event and you feel that you need to buy clothes just for that? Maybe a friend is tying the knot? Or an office cocktail party and you have already impressed your clothes with the one cute tux or dress you own?

You can save a couple of bucks by just borrowing from your loved ones. Just be ready to return the favor when it is their turn to shine in an event.

17. Buy what suits you now

If it does not fit you now then off you go. There is no need to buy a dress right now because you think you will lose weight 3 months down the line. If and when you do lose that extra weight, that is when you will buy it.

And it not just about your weight. If you think that short will look good on you when you relaxing at the balcony of your summer house, which you are yet to own by the way, then do not buy it.

18. Say goodbye to factory outlets

More often than not, the discounts on factory outlets do not exist. Those are the real prices because the clothes are made specifically for those outlets. Other times, the clothes they have are rejects from previous seasons. The only thing you will be purchasing here is the label. You can get clothes of greater quality and better prices from other shops.

19. Be ready for major sales

Some brands and stores have major sales during the year that you can benefit from. If you are wondering how to save money on clothes and still rock in some labels this is how to hack it.

Stores like Victoria’s Secret and Bloomingdale’s among others hold annual and semi-annual sales with great discounts. Keep an eye on these by subscribing to their emails. However, if subscribing to their emails will turn you into a shopaholic, hit the unsubscribe button.

20. Take the surveys

Some retailers will ask you to take surveys after a purchase. It does not hurt and it will only take up a few minutes of your time. In return, they might offer you a discount on your next shopping. If there is that retailer you only shop from for certain clothes, you will really save some money from this.

21. Shop for cheap workout clothes

When it comes to your workout clothes, stick to buying from inexpensive retailers. Whether you are inexpensive yoga pants or not, you will end up doing the same workout.

22. Shop at discounts stores for uniforms

Rather than buying directly from your employer or school for uniforms, check if there are any options from the discounts stores. The prices there will be cheaper.

23. Hit the men’s and kid’s sections

Especially for ladies looking for unisex tees and hoodies. When it comes to women, our items bear higher price tags than men’s items. So, when next you go shopping, shop from the kid’s and men’s section for the tees, hoodies, and sneakers.

The list on how to save on clothes might not have covered all the points. Are there other ways you have used to save on clothes? You can share them with us!


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