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Pay less for your Online Purchase with Shopbrain

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As an avid shopper, I’ve always been skeptical about the prices and have been uncertain about a simple fact that I might be getting the same product at a better price somewhere else.

Being a Saver made me visit various stores to compare prices. So, Shopbrain has proved to be a boon for me as it compares the prices and I don’t have to waste my time visiting stores.

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So, let’s begin with understanding more about Shopbrain, and discover how this extension helps us more with our Savings.

About Shopbrain

Shopbrain is a powerful AI shopping assistant that saves consumers time and money while shopping online. In one click, you can ask Shopbrain to scan thousands of other online stores to find the best price, price history and reviews on the product.

What Shopbrain Extension Focuses on

With this new Shopbrain extension Consumers will:

  • Never overpay for a product again.
  • Get instant price comparisons from over 10,000+ stores.
  • Enjoy easy and completely FREE money saving extension.
  • Get unbiased reviews along with ratings for the products that they want to purchase.
  • Get a result of best deals from a search of 1 Billion product.

Why Shopbrain

Shopbrain works with a mission: “If there’s a Better price then we’ll find it” and this is exactly what a smart buyer wants.

The AI powered browser extension not only provides you with the best prices in real time but also provides you with a product’s price history along with reviews and ratings.

In short, this extension provides a complete solution to a buyer and helps consumers make an informed buying decision.

Features of Shopbrain

  • Shopbrain’s powerful AI engine searches over 1 Billion products across 10,000+ stores to provide shoppers with the information that they need.
  • What Shopbrain shows you is simply a list of prices from the lowest to highest, and no one can influence the results as no retailer can ever pay to appear first.
  • Shopbrain respects your privacy and this means that the user is in charge of when they want to receive the notifications.
  • Shopbrain only gets activated when a user is searching for products and the user can easily dismiss the tool with Shopbrain’s sleep feature.

How to use Shopbrain

All it takes is one click to get Shopbrain and this feature gets added to your browser and you’re all set.

Step 1: Click on this link and then click Add Shopbrain. It’s Free.

Step 2: Start browsing online on your favorite retail store, like Amazon, Walmart, eBay etc.

Step 3: Click on the drop down Shopbrain information: ‘Would you like us to compare prices?’ Click yes and Shopbrain will start searching for best prices for your product from over 10,000 stores.

Step 4: Scroll through the information provided by Shopbrain, compare the prices and read the reviews and Start Saving!


If you ask about my personal experience then it was the time when I was searching for Christmas gifts for my entire family.

I was on a low budget and did not have time to visit various stores and compare prices and that is when one of my colleagues introduced this extension in my life!

Previously, I used to visit various sites and used to write down the prices on a piece of paper and then had to search for individual feedbacks for different products and their models.

It was definitely a time-consuming task and being a writer, I loved to use a diary and pen for the same but time was the aspect which was very less in my life.

(And to be honest, I always daydreamed about having a Shopping Assistant who would do all of this tedious shopping task for me).

So here I’m, writing about the same and spreading the word about a Virtual Shopping Assistant, who not only gives you the lowest prices for the product that you want to buy but also provides products reviews.

I saved hundreds of bucks all because of this extension, so spread the word guys and start Smart Shopping!


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