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6 Side Jobs for Teachers that Reel In the Cash

side jobs for teachers

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Side jobs for teachers are becoming more and more popular. I taught middle schoolers for over ten years, and during the majority of my career, I had a side gig. And newsflash: it wasn’t just during the summer.

According to Brookings.edu, teachers are 30 percent more likely than others to work second jobs. I know, I was part of the statistic. I tutored; I wrote; I transcribed, I worked at my parent’s grocery store…heck, I even took a gander at eBay and surveys.

It seemed like I almost always needed a side gig to keep me above water. The reality is that most teachers are radically underpaid, and many times a side job makes it possible to keep up with the bills. Sound familiar?

Until you’re paid the amount that you deserve, you might want to find out how to make money online. Good news: After all the long hours and changing lives, (you’re a superhero btw) it’s possible to find a side gig that doesn’t feel a lot like work.

So If you’re searching for how to make more money as a teacher, we’ve got your back. These six side jobs for teachers will use the skills you already have to earn more cash.

Time and Jobs wait for none. Get a Job NOW!

Rent it out

List your spare room & get in the groove

Drive. Earn. Repeat.

Drive around & Earn in your free time

Play. Read. Shop. Surf. Share

Earn money while you’re fooling around

More you teach, more you earn

Share your skills around the world

1. Start Driving with sites like Lyft (earn around $17.50 an hour)

When I first started teaching, I wish that the taxi-like service, Lyft had been around. Back then, I could have taken this on during the weekends or even on my half hour commute home.

You can easily download the Lyft app and click on it for your own personal taxi. Then a driver will show up – sometimes in minutes. But like these car apps, Lyft needs drivers, and most of my teacher friends I know, drive.

Lyft is a terrific side job for teachers because you can create your own schedule. Saying teachers are busy remains an understatement. But if you can pick up one shift, maybe on the weekend or after school, that’s extra cash in your pocket.

Plus, it lets you explore your town. And driving for me was always therapeutic after listening to a bunch of middle schoolers all day (even though I loved them). Another skill you’ve got going for you, you most likely are a people person, and passengers will adore you!  Just don’t expect an apple.

2. Get paid for your talents on Fiverr (earn $5 or more)

I was an English teacher and writing was my thing. So when researching how to make money for teachers, Fiverr popped up a lot This sweet site allows you to create a profile and offer your talents. And teachers have a multitude of those!

On Fiverr, you can hire writers, software developers, proofreaders, and more. You can even get paid for doing celebrity impressions and arts and crafts. One dude offers to draw any mustache or beard. I’m not lying.

Teachers wear many hats and have a lot to bring to the table. I bet you could offer some stellar services, from academic talents to performing a jig on demand.

If you’re able to squeeze in maybe one or two projects a week (I know you already have a crazy load, but think jig), you could earn some extra cash. And for doing something you’re good at. This gig might even enhance some of those teacher skills to make you go from fabulous to out of this world.

3. Write some more with sites like iWriter (earn up to $40 for 500 words)

Teachers write a lot. You don’t even have to be an English teacher to write as much as Ernest Hemingway. A lot of people don’t have an inkling about how much teachers actually write.

Think about it: they write emails, make worksheets, letters to parents, report card comments (imagine writing short paragraphs for 90+ students), professional development evaluations . . . I don’t want to bore you, but I was just getting started.

The site iWriter can take those writing skills and help you earn some cold, hard cash. Sign up and create a portfolio to gain access to a ton of clients that need writers. There are all sorts of projects from blog posts to technical work; take your pick. iWriter offers so many bucks to earn at your fingertips. And a lot of clients are seeking writing in the educational niche, and you have a solid background for that – of course.

4. Type up audio conversations for Transcribe Anywhere (pay varies by typing speed)

Do you ever enjoy listening to others’ conversations? (Your students talking about the latest fidget spinner or theme for the next dance counts.) Then sign up for Transcribe Anywhere, a site where you hear some audio files and type what you hear.

A lot of teachers are fantastic typers. You have to send those mass emails, whip up worksheets, send out notices, write comments, the list goes on. I transcribed and had a blast. I’m a wee bit nerdy…okay, a lot nerdy, but so are many teachers; transcribing might just be your thing.

Try using your mad skills and making some money transcribing. You might even hear some crazy audio files that will give you a much-needed giggle after a parent-teacher conference went awry. You might even learn something too. And we teachers pride ourselves on being lifelong learners.

5. Take surveys with sites like InboxDollars, E-poll Surveys, and Pinecone Research

Did you know that you could make money by signing up for survey sites? In fact, I used a few of these sites when I was teaching.

Many companies value your opinion, and as a teacher, you probably have more than your opinion to give.

Some top sites I used were InboxDollars, E-poll Surveys, and Pinecone Research.

When I was teaching, I used to fill out surveys on my phone once the kids went to sleep. I found it entirely mindless and relaxing after a loud day.

I would fill them out here and there and forget about them for a while. Eventually, I would receive a notice that I had earned enough points to receive a Best Buy gift card! This was a pleasant surprise when our TV was on its last leg, and I didn’t want to miss the latest episode of One Tree Hill (you have to decompress somehow).

6. Tutor in person or with sites like VIPKID (earn up to $22 an hour)

If you’re a teacher, you probably laugh when others say that you’re so lucky because you have summers off. Many teachers have to work in the summer to make ends meet. I was one of them. Tutoring saved me every summer and put some extra cash in my pocket. Okay, maybe not extra, but cash.

I wish I had also known about VIPKID – an excellent company that allows you to apply and teach English to Chinese students online. All you need is a computer, a fast internet connection, and experience with kids. Most of the teachers I know have all of these things.

Talk about a perfect summer job for a teacher who prefers to tutor in pajama pants. Not to mention, this site offers a decent payout. Some teachers I know who work for VIPKID earn over $20 an hour! That’s a pretty sweet gig.

So if you’re researching ways on how to make money for teachers, then consider a side job that utilizes your already impressive skills.

A lot of teachers don’t choose the profession for the money, but at the same time, you need to support yourself and possibly a family. That’s where these excellent side jobs for teachers come in. But before you check them all out, know that if you’re a teacher, you’re amazing, you’re shaping our future, and you deserve more.

Hopefully, someday, you won’t feel the need to read an article about side jobs for teachers.

But until then, these extra sources of income might get you closer to that annual salary that you should earn in the first place.

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