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Spring Cleaning? We Tested Out 13 of the Most Popular Apps for Selling Stuff

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It’s that time of year again. Along with the blooming flowers and warmer temperatures comes the need to do a thorough cleaning job in your home.

All those cobwebs forming in the ceiling corners, dust accumulating under the fridge and stove, and fingerprints covering the walls need to be dealt with, and the spring season is the perfect time to do so.

But along with all the dirt and dust pile-up is the accumulation of “stuff,” a lot of which likely needs to be purged. Over the past year, you’ve probably bought a lot of things or have been gifted with items, many of which you’ve never used.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to get rid of any items that haven’t been used in 6 months. Once that time period has elapsed, it’s time to let them go.

While you could host a garage sale, you may also want to consider selling your goods in a more innovative way: using an app.

In fact, there are plenty of apps for selling stuff available which can not only help you declutter and free up valuable space in your home, but also make a few extra bucks too.

The following are some of the best apps for selling stuff that you may want to give a shot.

1. Cardpool

This might sound cheesy (after all, our pieces of advice are upright and honest), the gift card that you get from various resources wouldn’t always soothe your psyche, right? What do you do them? Dump them?  There is an easy and more rewarding way to get rid of it. SELL IT OFF!

Yes, Cardpool allows you to sell your electronic as well as physical gift cards. You just have to quote the price that you are willing to receive for your card alongside stating the balance that your gift card has got. The payment is made to you via check.

2. Gazelle

Not just another app for selling stuff, in fact, Gazelle is a spiritual home for tech-frenzy people. There is something mysteriously enticing about the latest cell phones in the market that makes you drool over them and you end up breaking the bank to buy them.

However, the charm of owning the latest cell phone fades away gradually and within no time, it becomes a hot pursuit between you and the newly launched phone. What do you do with your not so new phone? Sell it off in a haste and that too at poor prices, don’t you?

Gazelle can come to the rescue of people who are big on technology. It lets you sell your used smartphones for a decent price. Moreover, finding quotations for a used cell phone is super easy and you are paid via Paypal or check whichever you prefer.

3. Shutterstock

“So many times, it happens too fast, you trade your passion for glory. Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive”. Remember the time when you first bought your digital camera? How passionate you were to capture the enigmatic charm of nature.

You carried your digital camera to road trips in pursuit of capturing the best vistas that the countryside had to offer. It’s likely that camera is buried deep somewhere in your cabinet just like the photographer inside of you is buried under your skin.

It’s time that you ignite your passion once again and earn some extra bucks by selling old photographs at Shutterstock.

4. Swappa

If you’ve got any tech gadgets that you want to swap for something else, Swappa is the app for you. Swappa has long been among the best places on the internet to buy and sell mobile phones, but their app makes things even easier.

All you need to do is find your carrier of interest and swipe until you locate the appropriate hardware configuration. Creating a listing in the app is quick and easy, as it is on the website, allowing you to find a buyer in no time.

5. Sell Your Books via an App

We understand the sentimental value that you have for your old books be it academics related, self-help or fiction etc. There is a sense of nostalgia which is rather sacred and that is the reason why you have got numerous books piled up even if you haven’t read them for years.

True wisdom lies in sharing the knowledge that you have. Besides, you can help the less privileged by selling off your old stock of books so that they could purchase it second-hand from the market.

Moreover, what comes around goes around. If you can enlighten someone’s world by giving them access to the books you own, serendipity will come your way for sure.

Here are some of the top online merchants that will be happy to buy your books or connect you with an interested buyer of your books:-

6. Letgo

You’ve probably seen all those funny and quirky commercials for this app where people sell their goods after parachuting out of an airplane or while dangling off the side of a cliff. But aside from the entertainment, Letgo offers a very handy app for selling stuff that is super simple to use.

Within a few seconds, you can have your item listed for sale, ready to be seen by millions. Simply upload a photo of the item, select a category for it to be listed under, give it a title and description, and set the price. Then let the app work its magic to connect you with a buyer.

7. Facebook Marketplace

Part of the Facebook app, Facebook Marketplace is very convenient for those who already have the app installed on their mobile device. Using this feature is just as easy as any other selling app.

Just take a picture of the goods you’re selling, give it a name and a description, set the price, and confirm your location. Click on the store icon at the bottom of the Facebook app to gain access to this feature.

You don’t have to host an old-fashioned garage sale to offload some of your goods that you no longer use.

8. Poshmark

If you’ve got a lot of fashionable clothing and accessories that you want to part with, Poshmark is a great app to use. While focused on selling women’s clothing and accessories, fashion items for men and children can also be bought and sold with this app. Upon signing up, you will create a virtual closet where you can showcase your goods for sale.

After taking a photo of your items, you can use the app’s photo filters and enter a short description about them. When someone agrees to buy your items, you’ll be given a pre-paid, pre-addressed label to ship your item out to the successful buyer.

9. Trove

This app is more focused on helping people sell their furniture to others who will find a better use for it. It’s a locally-used app, so it’s meant to find buyers in your area.

Simply snap a photo of the piece, upload it, choose a category to list it under, and enter all the usual information about the product, such as a description and price. Trove makes this part simple by giving you fields for you to input all the pertinent details you want to include.

10. VarageSale

Another app for selling stuff, VarageSale is like having a virtual garage sale, hence the clever name. This app is meant to help you connect with locals in your area who may be interested in snatching up what you want to offload and makes the process quick and simple.

In a matter of minutes, you can have your listing up and running with the title, description, price, and photo of the items you’d like to sell. You will need a Facebook profile to sign in to VarageSale in order to list with this app.

11. OfferUp

One of the best apps for selling stuff is OfferUp. Another local sales app, OfferUp is becoming one of the more popular selling apps available. Similar to LetGo, you can literally sell just about anything you want with this app.

Simply download the app, input your zip code, then sign up. You can post as many as 4 images per item for sale, choose a category, list a price, type in a description, and verify your location. If someone is interested, you’ll receive a notification.

By far, the article talks about selling off conventional stuff, basically, a tangible commodity. However, we are the natives of the digital age civilization where the ubiquity of the internet has changed almost every conventional entity. Thus, to get into the fervor of the Spring, we need to get rid of the extra services that we have paid for but seldom use it.

Save Each Penny is the undeclared ethos of spring (if you look at it) and to share the ethos, we ought to cut down wherever possible.

12. Trim

Perhaps the savviest and handiest app for selling stuff. Trim negotiates your Comcast bill and saves you quite a lot of dollars. Trim is fully efficient to cancel your gym membership which is good for nothing except soaking up your money.

Whatever financial commitments you have, Trim can help you in settling for less than the amount quoted in the original bill. If you are a staunch proponent of Every Buck Counts school of thought, then Trim can save the day for you.

Get a personal finance wingman/concierge

You must be wondering what a personal finance advisor has to with the spring season. Technically speaking, there is no correlation. As a matter of fact, you are always in need of someone who can track your expenses whilst putting your finances back in order.

Spring is synonymous to happiness and good fortunes. That’s why we decided to advise you on getting Personal finance assistance amid the good omens. So, we recommend Charlie to you.

13. Charlie

It is a kind of personal finance concierge for you. It keeps track of all your expenses, reminds you of your due dates, saves extra dollars by the means of renegotiation and provision money for your financial goals.

Charlie, most popularly referred to as a money-saving penguin has got a state of the art built-in A.I which assists you in financial decision making which is aligned to your long term goals.

That was quite a consuming run-down, isn’t it? You now sit and wonder where to start from. We understand that spring cleaning is easier said than done, but you should thank us that we have informed you about the savviest way of doing it.

Even if you don’t wish to give us the credit, probably because this write-up has got you more anxious than relaxed, we recommend getting started with spring cleaning because that is the only way you can succeed.

Final Thoughts

Selling your goods these days has never been easier. With savvy and sophisticated apps such as the ones mentioned, you can have your listing up and running in no time. These apps for selling stuff take the legwork out of the equation while putting a little more cash back in your pocket.


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