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Start a Bookkeeping Business from Home and Earn up to $40,000 a Year

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Looking for a side gig? How about a part-time job where you can help businesses to grow strategically and amass recognition for yourself as you work? Wouldn’t it be great that to sink into a gig where your expertise, knowledge of the subject and market worth continues to grow as long as you work?

If these prospects sound appealing to you, so you should consider becoming a Professional Bookkeeper.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Many questions regarding bookkeeping must be clouding your mind right now. To begin with, Bookkeeping is not a rocket science and anyone with a flair for budgeting and laying financial provisions for contingencies can easily live up to the job  (Whether Bookkeeping is a good fit for you or not, you can settle on this after reading the latter part of this article).

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Changing Business Paradigms Are Widening The Scope

Bookkeepers could possibly have a very bright career ahead if they go about it diligently and capitalize on the gap between the industry’s demand and availability of Bookkeeping services.

With the boom in the Startup culture and the advent of the Digital era, there has been an incessant growth in the requirement of professional Bookkeepers who could build a strong financial foundation upon which a company could thrive on in the late years.

Good Book Keepers Are Hard To Find

Ben Robinson, a certified CPA, and owner of learntobeabookkeeper.com says, most medium-sized firms and solopreneurs struggle to keep their books and this is what makes their finances go haywire. He recounts that amid his years of practice, he faced a common problem across various industries that firms couldn’t get their books finished and they used to have a hard time searching for professional bookkeepers to get their books finished. He says that as a CPA this was probably the biggest hindrance which he faced throughout the year.

Bridging The Huge Gap

So, Ben took a vow in 2015, to forge a brigade of bookkeepers who would help  CPAs in their work and also fill the lacunae while improving the overall landscape of accounting services. Ben’s brainchild, learntobeakeeper.com trains people to become virtual bookkeepers and make money from wherever they wish, associate with whoever they want, thanks to the ubiquitous nature of the internet.

Who Can Be A Book Keeper

Most of the professional bookkeepers aren’t CPAs. Bookkeeping is related to day to day transactions of the business and bookkeepers are concerned with the transactions of business and their granular details. Accounting, on the other hand, is more into directing a course for business and strategizing them.

Is Bookkeeping A Right Fit For You

If you are not numerically challenged (you know exactly what we mean here), you should be asking these questions to yourself and then decide whether it’s the right fit for you.  If you aren’t uncomfortable with the tasks mentioned below or if you enjoy them to be apt, then you should seriously give it a thought.

  • Do you have a flair for balancing your checking account?
  • Do you like paying bills?
  • Do you like making spending plans?
  • Would you say you are a virtuoso with monetary programming and applications like Revive and Mint?

You additionally need good computer skills. Since all the work you execute as a virtual bookkeeper is done in a virtual situation, you should know how to convey viably and productively through technology (If you are reading this write-up, you are probably more than acquainted with the technology).

In case you addressed yes to these inquiries, you may enjoy bookkeeping.

The Road Less Travelled Can Make All The Difference

As per the reports of The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average bookkeeper in a typical corporate setting may earn somewhere across $40,000 a year and the freelancers can earn much more if they bring more value to the business, for instance, practical skills like opening a bank account and getting the paperwork done etc.

Low Investment Cost

You can begin your bookkeeping business for under $1,500, accepting you have a nice PC and fundamental office supplies.

The biggest USP in bookkeeping business is building up your own abilities and turning into a real knight in the world of Bookkeeping.

As your bookkeeping business develops, you’ll have to keep on investing in new innovation and supplies. Again, in any case, you should keep on reinvesting in your own growth and never become complacent.

Want to get started with Bookkeeping? Visit:-learntobeabookkeeper.com


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