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Food, Booze, Football and Budget: 5 Must-Have Super Bowl Party Snacks

super bowl party food on a budget

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The stage is set and the Big Game is on everyone’s mind. You might be / might not be an American Football Fan, but the Super Bowl spirit never lets you down.

Super Bowl is a huge occasion in itself, and Super Bowl parties are nothing less than an extravaganza.

You called up all your friends and invited them to your place for the Big Game’s live screening—but what about the money? Hosting a watch-along is not easy on the pocket, the same goes for the Big Game.

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But if it’s too late to chicken out, here is how you can cook up the Super Bowl party food on a budget.

From snacks to booze to everything above and beyond, here is how to spice up the evening this Super Bowl LIII:

The Food

Everything on the telly is senseless if there is nothing to munch on. The objective of a Super Bowl party is to keep the game’s spirit alive—Fans from both ends cheering for their colors in one single room.

But let’s face it; any watch-along party is lame if there’s no food. To cater your Super Bowl party food on a budget I’m not going to stop you from serving food. That would be an outright fallacy, fans would be frustrated.

So I’ve gathered around for you 5 obligatory Super Bowl party snacks that won’t take a hit on your budget.

These come from our dear friends at The Spruce Eats and your guests would step out of the game satisfied and smiling even if their team loses.

1. Garlic and Ginger Crockpot Chicken Wings

Time to Cook: 6 hours (oof)

Serves: 4 to 6 Fans

Yeah, Crockpot cooking is lame and slow and it takes eons. But you have to admit that nothing beats that lip-smacking taste of meat cooked slowly and sensually in a Crockpot.

The exotic blend of honey, garlic, and ginger sauce trickle the taste buds like no other combination. The best part is that this quick fix of a Super Bowl party food keeps you on a budget.

Crockpot makes your work easy—just heed to it for the first 15 minutes and let it cook for six hours. After that, smell the brew of ginger-garlic and take your sense of smell for a ride. The honey-ginger-garlic sauce can be put to other uses.

Full Recipe>>

2. DIY Mini Italian Meatball Sliders

Time to Cook: 15 minutes

Serves: More Fans, More Sliders, More fun!

Sliders, subs, sandwiches and dogs—these babies are the real fuel of any Super Bowl party. These toasty mini rolls just need a spread of mustard and chili, after which you can stuff ‘em up with meatballs & cheese.

You can lay around 20-something buns by the side and start with the mustard spread. Continue with meatballs and bless it with a cheese slice. You can cook old-school meatballs on your own or get ready-to-eat ones.

If you want to save yourself from the mess, then make it DIY! Place a basket full of buns and layout mustard, mayo and all other spreads. Place meatballs with cheese slices and lay it all out on the table.

The fans can make their own sliders and you’ll have one less thing to worry about. These Italian Meatball Sliders are the ideal Super Bowl party food novelty that keeps your Big Game bash on a budget.

Full Recipe>>

3. Classic Hummus with Tahini

Time to Cook Prep: 10 minutes

Serves: 4 Dip-freak Fans

When they’ll see this dip on the table, fans can’t help themselves but touchdown their munchies in this Middle-Eastern classic. This Egyptian chickpea classic is nothing less than a bare necessity to fries, chips and nachos.

The Hummus is very crucial in accomplishing your mission to keep the Super Bowl party food on a budget. You can grab family-sized packs of nachos, popcorns and ready-to-fry cheese sticks from the local store.

The convenience store hummus is nothing if you compare it to this spine-relieving recipe. You can get Tahini in the ‘International’ section of any store, or you can get it at Walmart.

If you plan to keep it fireless for the Super Bowl Sunday, whip up a large quantity of hummus and party sized snacks are waiting for you in aisle 3. Get ‘em and munch ‘em down!

Full Recipe>>

4. Sloppy Joe Sliders

Time to Cook: 45 minutes

Serves: 8 Sloppy Fans

The scrumptious Sloppy Joe mix is a luscious beef-laden treat—a treat that is a one-stop solution to those hungry fans. All you got to do is cook the Sloppy Joe meat right and mwah!

You can play around with Sloppy Joe and make it a Sloppy Super Bowl fest. Dress the table with Rice, Slider-buns, dogs and sandwich bread.

The fans can try DIY and pick their primary weapon to stuff up with Sliders. You can also put nachos and taco-shells by the side and make it a complete fiesta.

Just get the Sloppy Joe mix right, and your Super Bowl party food shall definitely be on a budget. Our mates at The Spruce Eats recommend that you keep a load of tissues in hand, it might get messy!

Full Recipe>>

5. And for Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

Time to Cook Prep: 20 minutes

Sugar and Spice make everything nice, but no Super Bowl Sunday would be deemed to its closure till there’s dessert. You can’t just bake a pie and expect people to be happy; you got to keep up the spirit.

We are going to dessert the Super Bowl way, and by that I mean we’ll make another sweet dip. You’ve loaded yourself with cookie dough at least once in your life and you know that it tastes like heaven.

Big Game is the right time to bring it to the table—officially.  Fans can dip up their fries, pretzels, tacos, nachos and bare hands (eww) into this dip and taste the magic.

Don’t worry about catching the Salmonella—this recipe is eggless and it would be a perfect end to the food shenanigans of your Super Bowl Party food, keeping it on a budget.

Full Recipe>>

Time to Get Tipsy

Oh come on now- let’s just presume that you were successful in keeping your Super Bowl party food on a budget.

Now What? What about the lifeblood of the party? What about alcohol? What about the reason to Super Bowl for people who don’t Super Bowl? BOOOOOZE!

If you are hosting a Super Bowl party, you cannot expect to stock enough booze to intoxicate a symposium of four to eight fans. It never ends! Booze is the spirit of Super Bowl party (at least off-pitch) and your fan-mates should be aware of it.

When you host the Super Bowl party, tell ‘em its BYOB and they gotta comply. Get what you like and bring enough of it so that everyone can share.

Being the host, you can fix up a cocktail and serve it up. Leave beers to the beerboys who’ll come to watch the game. Just get a keg and load it with your favorite combo. Let me repeat myself: Don’t. Buy. Beer.

This 3rd of February the whole of USA would be watching the Super Bowl. Now you might be supporting your team, scouting as a neutral, or just watching the Half-time show; but you cannot miss a Super Bowl party.

Food and Booze is the deadly duo and it’s strong enough to take you down the touchline. With the recipes and booze-jooze that I just told you about, your Super Bowl party will definitely stay on budget.

Keep up to the spirit of The Big Game—Drink & Drive Responsibly!


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