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The 30-Day Money Saving Challenge (With a Free Printable)

The 30 Day Money Saving Challenge

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Bippity Boppity, save me some Zoppity”

Every single one of us knows the absolute weight of money in our materialistic lives. Don’t we just hate it when we spend all our greens on something we do not even need and then lament for eternity? The worst part is that we forfeit to our dream of saving money because we end up spending most of it. Our problem is not low water supply; it’s the holes down below that drain all the money flowing in.

When circumstances are dire and the money is low, all we need is a simple and practical challenge that could save us a lot of money at the end of each month and leave us with enough moolah to spend on our daily routine. Let’s go back to the glory days of our childhood when our version of a savings account was the shiny piggybank and it credited itself with our well-wishers’ spare change. This one’s pretty much like that.

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Yes, we’ve tried and tested tonnes of money saving challenges, but the reality is that they’re too hard for the reasons below:

  1. It is pointless to save a large chunk of hard-earned money every week
  2. There’s little/no money to spend on necessities while saving big
  3. We’re fed up of challenges and end up rage-quitting.

However, every one of us would take up the money saving challenge if it possesses the following traits:

  1. Very little/no change in our spending habits
  2. Saves more money in a shorter time
  3. A realistic, practical and attainable money saving challenge

Every Buck Counts brings you the 30-day money saving challenge where all you have to do is set aside a teensy-bit amount of money every day, and over the course of 30 days, you save as little as $1 and at most $5. Put this money on your piggy bank and at you’d be left with a $100 worth of savings, and most of it comes from the money saving challenge.
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How EBC’s 30-day Money Saving Challenge Works

This challenge is very much realistic and undemanding- Over the course of the next 30 days, deposit the given amount of savings in a piggy bank, which vary each day from $1 to $5. Come to think of it, a few dollars a day in the piggy bank doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

We have designed your 30-day money saving calendar in such a way that you can deposit less money on weekends, leaving you more greens to save for the weekend blast. Now that you have a simple money saving challenge which requires no effort at all, just gather your spare change every day and at the end of each month, you’ll be a $100 richer!

Best Debt Relief Options of 2018

Save a Dollar a Day

Start by just saving a dollar on the first day of the month. We told you this challenge won’t harm your pocket like the others, and we meant it. The maximum money you have to save according to EBC’s calendar is $5 a day on selective days

Lavish Lifestyle and Frugal Life

We know saving money is boring because you don’t really have a lot to spend when you’re depositing a portion of it into savings. This challenge won’t mess with your budget at all as you’ll have more money to spend due to frequent, small deposits in your piggy bank.

Break the Bank on Month-end!

A month swings by in no time, and when you pick up your deposit box on day 30, it’ll be a lot heavier than what it was on day 1. Now tally the Benjamin Franklins’ and you’d have a good $80 in your hands.

Click on this link and save $20 more. There you have it, Savings worth $100 at your disposal.


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