The Pursuit of Joblessness- 8 ways to Make Money without a Job

How to Make money Without a Job

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When the economy is in the ashes and the government’s bound by the chain of capitalism; when savings hit rock bottom and boss gives the unthinkable command, you realize that you’re stuck in a very tough spot. Unfortunately, you don’t have superpowers and cannot become a superhero, so cross that off the list. With the job market bruised and battered, you aren’t getting a new job that easy anytime soon (we sincerely hope you do, though). So compose yourself, put your feet back on the ground and get back to the Ramen diet momentarily.

The first thing that we lament upon when we’re without a job is our finances. The never-ending enchanted web of debt, regular credit card payments, and the house rent. With so many dynamics in our life related to money, it is next to impossible to survive without any money coming in- theoretically. But life doesn’t work on a rule of thumb and the world is changing, which means that even if you’re jobless, there’s a ton of ways to make money without a job.

With the rise of monetized internet services, earning money has never been easier. There is risk associated while stepping into the unknown, no doubt about that. But if you know the right ways to make money without a job and your path is illuminated by our guiding light, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Read through this, find out what’s of your interest and what’s not, then all you got to do is sit back and let it rain on you because you’re going to learn how to make money without a job!

1. Explore the Writer in you

Remember the good old days when you wrote love letters that used to be four pages long and presented them to the person you adore? Well, if you’ve done that when you couldn’t even legibly scribble, chances are you have a hint of writing talent in you. If you’re good at grammar and your friends distastefully call you a ‘Grammar-Nazi’, use this talent to ProofReadAnywhere. As for your writing talent, Iwriter is a great platform to exhibit your literary skills by designing content on a vast array of topics online. To become an Iwriter all you need is a working PC and an internet connection. Earn as much as $80 per article once you’re in the flow. That’s a pretty good start if you’re looking for ways to earn money without a job.

2. Let your talent do the talking

The musician in you is dying to get his/her hands on the guitar hanging in your room since college days. Your pass time of punching innumerable lines of code or being a model on Instagram; basically any obsession of yours can earn more money than you ever thought, Fiverr is the best platform to freelance your talents and do what you love. Make money without a job and earn the satisfaction of doing what you always dreamed of while you’re at it.

3. Want to earn money? You shall be Surveyed!

As you’re without a job, you would have a lot of time to kill in your hands. One of the best ways to make money when you have too much alone time is to fire up the computer and start voicing your opinions on the likes of SwagBucks, EBates, and E-Poll Surveys by the minute. Surveys keep you engrossed and you never know you might be good at judging stuff; the drive for money makes it a joyride. Ipsos-iSay and PaidforResearch are few of those which offer you gift cards and reward points on the basis of your opinions. Whenever you’re bored next time, just earn money instead!

4. Build a website

There’s a lot of truth in saying that once you are without a job, your mind wanders into the abyss of directions farther away than the usual. If you have a small business idea that you think will pan out just fine or make you a millionaire, think of a domain name on Bluehost and start your website in some very simple steps. This might be your big break; and in a world full of big sharks, you don’t want to bottle that one golden chance by being a small fish in the sea because you couldn’t get a proper website.

5. Be a work from home professional

No matter how qualified you are, there’s no end to the process of learning; you stop learning when you stop breathing. Now that you need to find ways to earn money without a job, take a swing and be a professional. If you feel you’re good with numbers, Learn to be a bookkeeper and be a virtual accountant for people and businesses. Accounting is one profession which will never go out of touch and with more money problems, accountants are always needed.  If you’re geeky for a subject, learn more about it on SkillShare and teach that subject on Udemy and VIPKID, some reputable online classrooms to teach people.

6. Don’t delete pictures from your phone, Sell them

With high quality pictures now a click away, we love to capture the beautiful moments of life from a camera phone’s lens. But when we are out of storage space, we delete some really good pictures that we took. Next time you’re clearing out your phone, go through the pictures and check out if you can sell them on Shutterstock and Dreamstime. It can be baby pictures, scenic beauty, anything impersonal.

7. Home away from Home

Your place is an asset, what’s a better time to make use of it than when you need to make money and don’t have a job? Go Airbnb and VRBO– rent your place out to guests from all around the world when they visit nearby. The reason why people prefer staying at someone else’s place is that they look for some homely comfort. You do not need to make any special arrangements other than maintaining the regular hygiene. If you’re bored of staying at your own place, go House-sitting in other people’s homes. Register on and find a house you want to sit, take care of their pets responsibly while they’re away and earn money for just living at another person’s place, sick!

8. Dump the E-waste

Gather around all the old pieces of tech you can find- phones, laptops, gaming consoles, DVDs; take a picture and upload the information on Swappa. Second-hand electronic devices are sold at a very good price and at this time you need to find ways to make money without a job. Whatever money you receive from the sale of these goods, use it prudently.

Life is full of twists and turns. When you don’t have a job, you feel like you’re doing nothing in this world but wasting oxygen. But it’s not the end of the world; you are going to get a job soon. Sitting idle is not going to help, better earn some bread at the comfort of your home (or other’s home, because Maybe you’ll get a hang of it and you never know what the future has in store for you; Being a millionaire without a job, why not?

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