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They took a Personal Loan for Home-Renovation and it worked!

best loan for home improvement

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They traveled the world in search for peace, only to find it when they came back home.

When Zach Dempsey and his lovely wife Gretchen kick-started their married life with a couples’ getaway bike trip, they realized that it’s the journey that makes memories, not the destination. After four short months, they came back home and returned to their normal lives.

But they wanted to try something new; something exciting, out of the box.

After a long thought, the Dempsey’s decided to give their home a makeover.

Being in a live-in relationship for 3 years, Zach and Gretchen finally tied the knot last year. Their apartment was a little happy place full of positive vibes and just enough furniture to sleep on. But there’s a difference when you’re moving in with bae and when you’re married.

The sanctity of marriage was so pure that it changed the way people looked at these two lovebirds. Being a software engineer, Zach worked from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays; while Gretchen’s job of a research analyst never gave her that luxury.

Good news followed shortly, a baby was on the way! And this was the moment when the Dempsey’s realized that they need to make room for one more person, so they decided to go for the classic- Home improvement, courtesy of a professional.

There’s no shame in stating the fact that home improvement takes more than just time and efforts- a decent home improvement job would cost nothing less than $25,000. Now managing that on a combined income of $10,000 per month would be a hard nut to crack, and getting a loan for home improvement might help.

With the baby incoming, the home-makeover situation was no longer important…it was urgent! Plus Gretchen was now on unpaid maternity leave for a long time, so Zach brought the makeover up while talking to the neighbors.

They recommended an online personal loan lender called Best Egg which provides the best loan for home improvement projects to many small families like the Dempsey’s. The best part is that it’s a personal loan so it can be put to use for one’s own whims and fancies (productively!).

After calling the best interior designer in the hood, the Dempsey’s got a quote and the total expense came out to be $23,000. Here is the list of proposed changes that were meant to happen:

  • Minimalist-furniture upgrades for sleeping/making love living room!
  • Convert spare room in the middle to a guest room.
  • Now that the spare room has space to spare, make it the baby’s room!
  • Change the glass-wall in the living room to a concrete wall.
  • The balcony behind needed to be exterminated from rats, pest, and what not.
  • Throw out the shower pod that no longer works and get a bathtub instead.
  • A gigantic bookshelf to feed Gretchen’s quest for books.
  • Baby-proofing the house with baby monitors, latches, cribs and swings.

So, they decided that the best loan for home improvement option would be to pay a visit to the nearby bank. Zach and Gretchen had this conversation over the phone, and since Gretchen had too much time to kill, she logged into Best Egg out of curiosity to check their figures.

The next call she made was to her husband, and shrieked “DON’T TAKE THAT LOAN FROM THE BANK!” No, that wasn’t a mood-swing.

Later they sat together with wine and cheese (kool-aid for mom-to-be) and decided that the best way to go for a home improvement loan would be Best Egg.

Best Egg Personal loan for Home Improvement- Overview

Making home improvements not only provides a better home– but it can also increase its value, but those improvements come with up-front costs. With the help of Best Egg, that new kitchen or baby’s room is not out of reach. A simple, fixed-rate loan made Dempsey’s dream a reality.

Paying out of pocket or borrowing against the 950 square feet house’s value is not always an ideal option for covering the cost of a large project. Financing a home improvement project from the wrong place could leave one at loss. Best Egg is by far the best loan option for home improvement.


  • Credit Score: 640+; Soft credit check
  • Credit History: 7 years for average borrowers
  • Annual Income: at-least $60,0000
  • Debt/Income Ratio: 35% for average borrowers

Facts & Figures

  • Loan Amount: $2,000-$35,000
  • Typical APR: 5.99% -29.99%
  • Origination Fee: 0.99% – 5.99% (deducted from loan amount)
  • Payback Period: 3 to 5 years

The renovation work was scheduled to start on the weekend, Gretchen already got over with half the formalities on Thursday night before Zach even returned home. The next day, their loan was sanctioned and $25,000 was in the bank already…in a matter of 24 hours!

On Saturday itself, they made half-the-payment to the contractor in advance through a crossed check. The renovation took a whole month and it was well worth it- the couple was satisfied by the contractor’s job and he saved them $1,000 by remodeling old living room cabinet into a mini-closet. Neat!

This whole month passed by in a jiffy and the Dempsey’s were flabbergasted that by choosing Best Egg, they picked out the best loan for home improvement.

They thanked Best Egg by giving us this decorated review; as for the neighbors that actually recommended Best Egg- Both the families have a dedicated Sunday brunch every fortnight!

Thinking about a home makeover? Get the best loan for Home improvement with Best Egg!


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