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This Valentine’s Day, Play Cupid & Pocket Easy $3000 with Airbnb

Valentine's Day

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With Valentine’s day around the corner, lovebirds are planning to go on a spending spree and painting the town red. The build-up to Valentine’s Day is unrivaled, isn’t it? Right from Propose Day to Kiss Day to God knows what… lovebirds have got a reason to revel in joy and cherish their companionship with their partners.

Valentine’s Day is not a mere Merrymaking anymore, it’s a Carnival 

Over the last few decades, Valentine’s day has become quite a carnival. Many clothing brands, watch brands and jewelers shell out attractive offers to entice people who are engulfed in the feeling of love.

According to a recent survey on WalletHub, Americans will spend a whopping total of $20.7 billion on Valentine ’s Day gifts. That’s quite a figure, right?

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While the stuffed bears continue to swarm the stores across the street, you can also hop on the ‘Money Making Bus’ this Valentine’s day and earn several grand. Confused? We will tell you how.

Why playing Cupid on Valentine’s Day will pay and How

You see that passionate couples bring down the curtain on Valentine’s day by making love. We are not stereotyping, we aren’t assuming either.

Love making expresses the intense passion that a person carries for his/her soul mate and that is why most couples decide to Wham Bam in the late hours of this religiously followed day.

The point is that most staunch proponents of Valentine’s Day would need a space of their own and you could encash intense and widely shared enthusiasm for getting cozy on the eve of Valentine’s day.

Moreover, people at large (especially the millennials) are drifting away from the conventional. They are ditching the hotel and turning to Airbnb for a variety of reasons. Instead of chic interiors of the hotel, they prefer something which gives them a window to the local culture.

The pursuit of experience which gets etched on the soul

Couples want to experience something which will stay with them forever. Taking a dip into the local culture is not something which up-market resorts and club memberships can offer.

Moreover, there could not be a better way of experiencing the local culture than actually living in the local’s home.

Why Host with Airbnb?

At Airbnb you can rent out any property that you own; be it a spare room, a condo, a patio, a ranch house, an apartment, a villa or a spare room at your residence.

Listing your property won’t cost you a dime, however, Airbnb will charge 3% on reservations upfront, which is much lower compared to other services.

You have the complete monopoly when it comes to pricing

Besides, you can choose your own schedule, requirements for guests and prices and offer extra services. For instance, you can arrange an extra choir performance of local songs.

Maybe you can add up a storytelling session for your guests. Basically, you can flex your creative muscles the way you want to enhance the experience for your guests.

Once your listing is live, guests can reach out to you and you can choose among different applicants depending on who strikes the right chord.

Safety is not a concern as Airbnb has got your back

You must be having some inhibitions about strangers staying at your home and rightly so. Safety of the family members is the primary concern and insecurities grow strong when you and your guests have to live in shared spaces.

Airbnb understands this and that is why it allows you to set strict requirements/criteria for who can stay and you can know your guests (with the help government IDs) before confirming their stay.

As far as privacy is concerned, you can set stringent house rules which the guests will have to follow. Moreover, Airbnb has set up their policies thinking of its hosts and the challenges they might face all through the process.

If something goes wrong; Airbnb indemnifies you against property damage and also has liability insurance in place.

How you can make several grand

Now, how you can earn several grand on Valentine’s Day. You must be thinking that we are romancing and over exaggerating the money that you can make in the festival of Love.

Let us make one thing crystal clear, a rented out room is less likely to earn you a couple of grand, unless your apartment is in the adjacent to building to Empire State.

While the hot properties like a studio apartment in NYC or a cottage by the beach in the San Francis co bay area can ensure easy money for you, there is still hope for the modest properties in non-metropolitan cities. It depends on how you put up your property (We shall discuss this in the later part of the article).

A quick guide for new hosts on Airbnb

Just like any other business set up, assessing the real worth of your property should be your first priority. Airbnb gives you a tool that gives you an approximate figure of the monthly income that people in your locality earn through hosting on site.

“Name-Your-Own-Price” is on the cards

Like we said, if you live in a metropolitan city, your prices can be just south of the hotel rooms across the street. This is decent money (most of the time). Moreover, you should not be very rigid about your pricing and leave a window of negotiation with your guests.

Studies suggest that guests save a quarter of the cost compared to hotels when they book an apartment on Airbnb and half the cost when they rent a private room.

You shouldn’t overlook the opportunity cost of being a host. Listing your property on Airbnb takes time which could otherwise have been spent on something else.

You should consider the hours you will dedicate to up keeping your property and responding queries of the guests. Also, you got to have a clear head regarding your rendezvous with Airbnb: Part-timer or Full-time gig.

Other errands to think of (that you would be doing on a daily basis) is the gas, water and electricity usage that will reflect on your bill.

If you are thinking of tidying up via a helper/professional, make sure that you charge a one-time cleaning fee for it. Otherwise, you would end up losing on the operational costs.

Spiff it up

Your guests won’t expect an accommodation experience which is similar to the likes of Radisson and Marriot. However, you should put up your best show.

Fresh linens, plenty of storage spaces and leaving a pen and diary on the table etc are at par for the course (of giving a pleasurable experience to your guests).

Guests admire design touches that have got a regional flair to it. A big map on the side wall not only makes for a soothing wall hanging, but it also comes in really handy when guests plan their sightseeing tours.

Make a mark

Creating an impression on Airbnb is not so different from creating an impression on dating portals. Catchy photos go a long way in flattering the viewers (guests in this case).

Angles and lighting have a tremendous impact on how your abode looks like. It is recommended that you get the photos of accommodation clicked through a professional photographer.

Airbnb provides professional photography services for free. Moreover, the watermark of verified on the side of the pictures adds authenticity to your listing.

Nowadays, stays where one can experience local culture are just one tap away, thanks to lodging marketplaces like Airbnb. Many people are using Airbnb to making their ends meet and making a fortune in some cases.


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