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This Winter, Reignite the Passion with these 10 Best Romantic Getaways

best winter getaways

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“Oh, Thou Mankind! Thee have gone astray. God sent a divine blessing on to thee by pouring down breeze from the heavens (Winters). Verily, Thy Lord opens the bounties for those who cherish His choicest blessings. But thou are questioning thy Lord’s generosity by escaping to warmer climates whilst the skies are showering snow on you?

The Lord loves who seek repentance and show gratitude to His favors on you. Verily the righteous amongst thee is who celebrate Winters.”

Winter is here to flash its oomph and good things come to those who embrace its ethereal charm. Those dreary skies reminiscing a smorgasbord of grey and black gravies, those oozy winds enchanting the valleys, those occasional showers which light up one’s senses with petrichor and the shades of blue and pink doing the tango in the dusk time, winter is anything but ruthless.

Winter & Romance: A match made in the heavens

Ever wondered why the backdrop of most romantic movie scenes is a far-fletched cabin in the woods, surrounded by snow-covered peaks? Or maybe portraying couples doing a bonfire while getting cocooned in a shared blanket or keeping themselves warm by getting cozy while sipping in a hot chocolate, why is it so?

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Winter has romance written all over it. The emotion is as indescribable as the experience itself but only those couples who reveled in it know why winters are best for fostering their bond and reigniting the passion. You have been a winter scrooge all your life; it’s high time to be breaking the shackles of fuzzy socks and the warm blanket. It’s time for a winter getaway with bae and soak in the ravishing charisma of the season.

Hotels are too old-fashioned to light the fire

The choices of Romantic winter getaways are plenty, but the question is WHERE would you head out to? You are jaunting with bae so privacy is a concern. Will a hotel do the job? No. It’s the sameness of the hotels that get under the skin. Such mundane and ubiquitous experience gives birth to an existential crisis, a jeopardy where you start to wonder that how things will be different yet similar to the past experience. Let’s just forget the hotels and suppose we never had this talk.

A home which will stay with you forever

Romantic winter getaways need privacy; minimum possible shared spaces. So, you need bigger spaces that’s for sure. Why not search for your perfect winter abode with VRBO. Rather than listing small spaces like a shared room, VRBO only lists bigger spaces –  houses, apartments, patios, and condos that customers will have all for themselves.

From cottages atop the mountain to waterfront cabins and chic city condos, we have found 10 VRBO abodes across the U.S that even the sloth bear will love. Each property listed is in the vicinity to skiing or other cold weather activities like snowshoeing etc. But the best part is that they all are cozy AF so you don’t have to miss binge-watching the weekend away in a blanket.

Here are some hot properties which will fight off the winter blues:-

1. Alaska

best winter getaways

Take refuge in this serene mountain house nestled amid Alaska’s farming estate for a serendipitous getaway. This offbeat and rustic vacation rental home is like a fantasy coming to life for couples. You are likely to witness exotic animals elk and musk ox. A perfect escape from the hurly-burly of this world.

2. West Virginia

winter romantic getaways

Country Road… Take Me Home To The Place I Belong…

Yeah, this rustic, plush 10-acre mountain cabin gives you the same vibes as that of the song ‘Country Road’. For once, you will believe that it’s a perfect setup to portray this song; Mountains looking down to the otherworldly abode. This place is a definitive retreat to soothe one’s senses and to detox.

3. Connecticut

romantic winter getaways

Topping the lists of best winter getaways, this cottage by the river embraces every season in its typical fervor. Winter is a wonderful time to dwell in this cottage. The views are panoramic from the porch and deck. When the darkness takes over and the temperature starts to plummet, it’s time to lay in an oozing hot tub and treasure the glittering stars with your bae. Oooh… Can you feel the heat already?

4. Montana

romantic winter getaways

Tucked in the middle of the wilderness, this cottage is like an emerald sitting atop the crown of lush greenery. Snowmobiling is possible in winters plus the interiors are chic; everything that you can expect from a fully-furnished service apartment. The lake is in close vicinity and who knows; you could get rewarded with a Tuna (which you can barbeque) on throwing a wait. Romantic weekend getaways don’t get any sassier than this.

5. Vermont

romantic winter getaways

WHOA! No amount of praise is good enough to do justice to the magnificence of this place. An urban retreat just minutes away from the downtown which offers 1 suite. Staying here is like getting mollycoddled in the lap of mother nature. The Pics aren’t morphed, losers.

6. Ellsworth Village Michigan

romantic winter getaways

A perfect weekend escape for the locals of Detroit city at a distance of 5 hours (max) when travelling by car. This cabin is a spellbinder. Perched atop a flat mountain, this cabin has ROMANCE written all over it. Reviewers say that it was an experience of a lifetime for them, it could well be so for you and your bae.

7. New York

romantic winter getaways

The best-kept secret of New York (sorry for spilling the beans though), this house will make the richest of the New Yorkers look small. Dude, it has got a beach of its own, something which is hard to imagine in fast-paced New York’s life. Yeah.. a private beach on the outskirts of New York  City,  if this doesn’t excite you, you are probably dead.

8. Missouri

romantic winter getaways

If you live in the Kansas City and are looking to experience the serenity of nature, then this suite in STL can come to your rescue for sure. With a distance of 30 mins walk to the forest, this suite leaves enough room for serendipity to enter your life.

9. Austin Texas

romantic winter getaways

A dive into opulence. This house is one of the coolest places you will ever stay in. It has got too many feathers in its cap – private swimming pool and a trendy hot tub, jumbo movie theater, a huge backyard with massive oak trees so that you can swing in a hammock all day long and barbeque setup which does enough to satisfy your taste buds.

10. Wyoming

romantic winter getaways

Well connected from Grand Teton National Park, this snug two bedroom condo offers a good rejuvenation after a long day in the mountains. The host can even get you huge discounts for winter activities. This property is perfect for both, nothing-to-do-holiday and do it all-day holiday.

Why count on VRBO?

Where VRBO has got the edge over other is its set of filters. Users can search by location type; beachfront, lake view, mountain, cabin, cottage, ski rental, etc. VRBOs filters are more comprehensive than any other service, which means you are more than likely to find your perfect romantic weekend getaway here.


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