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Top 10 Sites to Get Free Samples without Filling Out Surveys

get free samples without surveys

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I don’t care how much money I’ve got, Darling. Free stuff is music to my ears… always.

Human beings are enticed by the thought of free samples since time immemorial. From trying cheese at one corner of the grocery store to punching one’s initials on a form- we’d take strange routes to lay hands on free samples.

But alas, nothing ever comes for free. If they are not taking your money, they want your opinion. For this reason, people thought that it was impossible to get free samples without surveys.

…Then they took it to the next level.

If you’re wondering who ‘They’ are, we are talking about websites that get free samples without surveys to your reach. Yeah right, we mean it.

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All you have to do to get free samples from these websites is give out your initials, your address (and something more, we’ll get to it later) and your samples will be in the mailbox ASAP.

We’re going to list top ten websites from where you can get free samples without surveys. They do ask you some questions though, telling you this to make sure that we are on the same page.

But First, Let me take a Sample Check

We are going to give you a list of websites that get free samples without surveys, but let us tell you some harmless questions they might ask before (and after) they ship you the package.

– Your Initials

Oh come on now, you need freebies. When it comes to getting free samples without surveys, they would require your name, contact and email address (to add you to their mailing list).

PRO TIP: Get a separate email ID for sample websites. Save your personal and work email from the mess.

– Mailing Address

Your house address isn’t something that you fill out everywhere- it is as sacred as your social security number. But you need to provide a mailing address to get free samples without survey, right? That’s not even part of the survey!

PRO TIP: Get freebies delivered to your work address if your boss allows you to.

– Answer some Questions (or don’t)

You thought you could get away with free samples without answering any questions? Busted! The objective of giving out free samples is to seek consumer opinion, and you have to give some information that’s relevant to the sample provider.

PRO TIP: You can skip those questions which don’t have an asterisk (*) on them. Half of those questions are not compulsory.

– You got the Sample, now what?

Every sample box comes with an enclosed greeting and a follow-up form. You have to fill it up and give your feedback. YOU HAVE TO MAIL BACK THE FEEDBACK FORM. Don’t be a wuss.

PRO TIP: These feedback forms are mailed back free of charge, or you can just send an email to the sample provider. They’ll send you the e-form.

Top 10 Websites to get Free Samples without Surveys

Now that you know what questions they’re going to ask, let’s move on to the list of 10 websites that get you free samples without surveys. Because who doesn’t love free stuff?

1. ILoveSamples

The name explains it all- ILoveSamples is that website which gives away samples in every vertical. One day there’s detergent in your mailbox, another day you might be surprised with a bottle of shampoo.

ILoveSamples is one of those websites where you get free samples without surveys. All you have to do is enter your email and wham! They ask you a couple of questions about your likes and dislikes, that’s it.

You’ll start getting samples in the mail in no time. ILoveSamples is our top pick because of its no-nonsense policy.

Get Free Samples>>

2. Share Your Freebies

We know the name sounds like you have to share your own freebies, but it is the opposite. Share Your Freebies presents you quite a detailed form where you enter your name, address, and contact details to check if they deliver samples to you.

Once you’re through (and you’re always through) you can check out deals of the day to choose from the vast sample offerings that they offer. You can get free samples without surveys from Share Your Freebies, they’re offering a $100 Walmart gift card these days.

Get Free Samples>>


All you have to do to get free samples without survey from PINCHMe is tell them about stuff that you like. You can even pick out what samples you want, and in a couple of weeks, your freebies would be in the mail!

PINCHMe releases its sample box once a month. Once you receive the box, you have to review the samples on PINCHMe to keep ‘em coming. From lotions to shampoos to coffee, everything is free at PINCHMe.

Get Free Samples>>

4. Free Stuff

Free Stuff is that one website where you can get free samples without surveys, but some freebies need a survey. Their USP? The samples are classified by category.

From movies to automotive to smart wearable devices, the choices are limitless. Oh yeah, there are sweepstakes and giveaways too! From PlayStations to Roombas, everything is at stake.

Get Free Samples>>

5. My Free Product Samples

A fairly fresh website that is happy to deliver free samples without surveys to you. Along with free samples, you can check out their hot deals section. They also offer free coupons in giveaways.

As for free samples, they have a looong list of verticals in which they offer free samples. You can score free samples at regular intervals and they offer you a tutorial on how to do so. Definitely worth having a look.

Get Free Samples>>

6. Sample A Day

A Sample a Day keeps expenses away, and this website provides you an opportunity to get free samples without surveys. All they want is your email and free sample offers will come straight to your inbox.

From perfumes to munchies to baby products, you’ll be surprised to find the variety that this website offers. It’s best to check their emails frequently though, dynamic offers change from time to time.

Get Free Samples>>

7. FreeFlys

We love the name! FreeFlys is a great way to score freebies and you can get free samples of your choice without surveys. Yes, you read that right. You can search for exact freebies you need through the FreeFlys custom search bar.

They also give out advice to save money and make money (but hey! We do it better). We’d recommend FreeFlys for freebies and EveryBuckCounts for money advice!

Get Free Samples>>

8. Free Stuff Times

A journal that is updated daily, you can get free samples without surveys on Free Stuff Times through their newsletter. Subscribe with your email and get freebie alert straight in your inbox, or visit the website and take your pick.

They have a “Last 10 Freebies” sidebar on the left where you can check out latest deals that Free Stuff Times has to offer in their platter.

Get Free Samples>>

9. I Love Free Things

Don’t we all? They do what they say on the website: “Get fresh free sample offers into your inbox twice a week. Free shipping. No Strings attached.” However, you won’t get all free samples without surveys.

In some cases, you need to have an eye for details. But don’t get low, we’ve seen people get free magazine subscriptions and nasal strips week in and out. Their USP? They offer both products and services for free sampling.

Get Free Samples>>

10. Sweet Free Stuff

Sweet Free Stuff is another ‘sweet’ website where you get free samples without surveys. They only need your email, that’s all. Most of it is similar to others, but guess what? They have BIRTHDAY FREEBIES!

Just like diners offering meals ‘on the house’ because it’s your birthday, Sweet Free Stuff offers Birthday Freebies on your special day. They have regular giveaways and sweepstakes along with lucrative free sample offerings.

Get Free Samples>>

We presented you the list of Top 10 websites that get you free samples without filling out hours of paperwork and surveys for a small freebie. Best things in life are free, right?

Who knows you might get hooked to the next sample you use and it turns out to be your favorite. Check them out!


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