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The 6 Best Credit Repair Companies—Bid Adieu to Bad Credit

best credit repair companies

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Creditworthiness is crucial. The cornerstone of financial wellbeing rests on integrity, honesty and trust. A credit score is one such instrument which makes it a whole lot easier to understand one’s financial standing.

Although credit scores form a crucial part of one’s financial pocketbook and people go beyond the longest of distances to keep it right, it doesn’t always end well. Disrupted credit scores need damage control ASAP and Credit Repair does just that.

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Many credit repair services do the hard work for you. They go through all those stringent barriers themselves and try to shoot your credit up in the green. You might find ‘x’ number of credit-score-messiahs claiming to build your credit score, but they’re not worth the hassle.

The best credit repair companies try to keep it as simple as possible—not only do they build up your credit score, but they do the housekeeping as well. If you’ve picked the best of the lot, you don’t have to worry about your credit problems anymore.

Here’s a list of the Top 5 Credit Repair Companies in the market. If you’re looking to build your credit score back in the green, let them take the lead and watch it soar. Build your financial profile immaculately!

2019’s Top 5 Credit Repair Companies

1. Lexington Law

Fee: $89.95 to $129.95 per month

When it comes to the best credit repair companies, Lexington Law is the credit repair guru in building credit scores back up. Lexington Law is a law firm and credit repair is one very helpful service it offers for a nominal price.

Lexington has come a long way since it came into inception in 1991. Their team of well-nurtured paralegals takes credit repair as a top priority, both as lawyers and as credit repairmen. This is not the first time you might’ve heard of Lexington—after all, it’s rated as the best credit repair company for a reason.

Credit repair is a sensitive procedure and it takes time. Building credit is not as easy as Lexington makes it look, and they’re a top-ranked credit repair law firm for that very reason. Along with exceptional customer service and embossed results, Lexington has tonnes of reviews to show for itself.

Lexington Law offers 3 levels of services for customers, namely:

1. Concord Standard: To get your credit report on track, the standard, low-priced credit repair service from Lexington costs $89.95/month.

In this service, Lexington would talk to credit bureaus so as to convince them in removing bad blotches from the credit report.

2. Concord Premier: Listed as the ‘most popular’ service package on Lexington’s website, this service makes credit report a whole lot easier for just $109.95/month.

With services like inquiry assistance, credit score analysis and TransUnion alerts, this one’s well worth the extra money.

3. PremierPlus: The Premium package offers state-of-the-art services. Although it’s not really a must-have, you never know what might work in credit repair.

That is why Identity Protection, Cease & Desist Letters and a vast array of personal finance tools are up for grabs. The PremierPlus Service costs $129.95/month, and although it’s a tad too much, it works wonders.

Three different modules sound great, but the most viable one is the Concord Premier. Lexington goes through your credit report with a fine-toothed comb to figure out if your lender(s) comply with FTC regulations or not. If not, a lot of negative information can be wiped off from your report on Lexington’s request.

The Good

  • Authenticity: It’s safe to say that Lexington Law’s got the game to buck up for its name. Established in 1991, Lexington’s track record has been spotless and they’ve helped customers in removing red dots from their credit reports. Furthermore, it’s a reputed law firm, which strengthens the legitimacy factor.
  • Proven Track Record: Lexington’s reviews are here to show how good they are. With customer reviews all over the internet suggesting that Lexington does everything it can to repair the credit wall, Lexington is the one to trust.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Lexington’s customer service representatives are really helpful in every sense. They literally walk you through the process of credit repair and make sure that you’re in the loop at every step. The last thing you want to do in credit repair is to forget after paying the fee, believe us.

The Bad

  • Credit Reports Cost Extra: Once enrolled in Lexington’s credit repair program, you’ve got to pay $14.99 for the credit report. This fee seems rather unnecessary for looking at something that’s one’s own report.
  • Customer Service Shenanigans: Connecting with the customer rep seems like an easy streak (and it is) but the amount of questions seem unreasonable for a credit repair service. But that’s something any of the best credit repair companies would do to get the best results, which doesn’t make it much of a problem.

Our Verdict

When we talk of the best credit repair companies in the market, Lexington Law is the winner—hands down. If you are seeking credit repair, do give them a call or chat with their representative. You’d get sound financial advice and Lexington’s fee is just right in comparison to its service.

Contact Lexington Law>>

2. CreditRepair.com

Fee: $99.95 per month

This one’s rise to fame can be dedicated to two factors, one being the name Credit Repair itself and another being its exceptional service. CreditRepair.com and its surreal presence on social media is a product of its good rapport with customers throughout the US of A.

This sublime credit repair service stands tall on #2 in our list of best credit repair companies for quite many reasons. A simple pricing scheme makes credit repair straightforward and the fee is very much valid for what CreditRepair does.

At just $99.95/month, CreditRepair will go above and beyond to fix your credit scores. The best part is that there are no ‘levels’ of service and this one package will cater to all credit repair procedures for you. CreditRepair offers an arsenal of features to assist your credit standing.

Be it identity theft protection, credit monitoring or n number of credit building mechanisms, CreditRepair takes them all into consideration to build up the scores. Good faith letters, rectifying mistakes and looking for loopholes is part of building credit scores for credit repair companies, and CreditRepair takes them all into consideration.

With an A+ accreditation from the BBB, CreditRepair.com has all the right ingredients to be ranked as one of the best credit repairs companies in the market. CreditRepair has lots of experience to show for with more than twenty year years in the biz.

The Good

  • Free 15-Minute Credit Analysis: We’d like to start off with something that’d make you go for CreditRepair.com right away. There’s a free credit report analysis up for grabs—all you have to do is visit CreditRepair.com and call the given number. It’s free and the consultation gives you plenty of useful insights.
  • Good Deeds Speak for Themselves: As discussed before, CreditRepair.com has a fair share of reviews, following and accreditations to show for the good work. A+ BBB rating, twenty-something years old, thousands of social media followers and plenty of commendable reviews won’t just pop out of thin air.
  • Simple Pricing: There are no multiple packages to choose from—their one-size-fits-all price of $99.95/month offers everything from head to toe. Just like Lexington Law, this service can be canceled anytime as it is on a month-to-month basis.

The Bad

  • Credit Report? That’d be $14.99: Just like Lexington, the credit reports would cost you extra money.
  • A mixed bag of Reviews: Although reviews on CreditRepair’s website are sunshine and rainbows, various customer reviews make it look like they’ve got too many expectations from this stellar Credit Repair Company.

Our Verdict

Building one’s credit back from the ground up is a toughie, but CreditRepair.com takes all steps to make it happen. With a simple monthly fee and alluring credit-building features, CreditRepair is definitely worth a call for a Free Credit Analysis. Their average customer base has gained up to 40 points on credit score in just four months, so it’s worth a shot.

Contact CreditRepair.com>>

3. The Credit People

Fee: $79 per month

We’re not going to bluff or anything—The Credit People had us at their website. This credit repair service is all about fixing up customer’s credit reports as soon as sixty days. It’s a no-sham lucid commitment from The Credit People which pledges to bring change in a span of 60 days.

The best part about The Credit People? Money-back guarantees—try it for sixty days; if you aren’t satisfied, get 100% of your money back. Don’t worry about considerate results—you’ll get them on your credit report. The Credit People simply review your credit report and try to make it better.

The Credit People is one of the best credit repair companies for a distinct reason—A 7-day Trial! Just pay $19 and give The Credit People a try before going all the way. The full month’s fee is just $79, and this package caters to everyone who’s looking to build up their credit. The same is available at a six-month combo package for just $419.

The Good

  • Value for Money: Price matters but the service matters even more. In case of The Credit People, a $79 per month price tag is very much viable and $419 for six months is a sweet deal.
  • 7-day Trial: Apart from The Credit People, there’s no other service in this list of best credit repair companies that offer a trial period. Just pay $19 and try it out for seven days—if you like it (which you would), well and good! There’s a 60-day Guarantee as well for showing considerate results.
  • Free Credit Report: Well, if you’re a sucker for free credit reports (and you should be), The Credit People is the best match in this list of best credit repair companies. Get your credit report and keep tabs on your credit score for free. All of this is included in The Credit People’s package.

The Bad

  • Multiple Case Advisors: Although it’s a good thing to have multiple case advisors behind your back, every time you call The Credit People, you have to start from square one till you reach your own credit files.
  • Reviews: Although The Credit People sports a tremendous BBB rating, but many customer reviews on the internet swing the other way too. This is one of the best credit repair companies, no doubt about it; the perspective might change in accordance to one’s situation.

Our Verdict

The Credit People is a helpful, clean and clear way to repair credit. If you’re one for trying things out before procuring them full time, then paying a few dollars for trying out won’t be a biggie. The price is basic, it’s well worth it, and it works.

Contact The Credit People>>

4. Pyramid Credit Repair

Fee: $99 per month

What do you look for in the best credit repair company? A group of hard-working, committed and star-lit team of people gathered together to give birth to Pyramid Credit Repair—one of the best credit repair companies in the market. This one came to inception in 2010 with a promise of “bringing the credit repair world to you”.

This one’s a very transparent credit repair company with super-lucid work ethic. Team Pyramid digs into your credit report’s nitty-gritty and all you have to do is follow three simple steps. Sign up; request a free assessment (which would be a personal call with Pyramid’s prolific account manager) and Pyramid will work on your case like there’s no tomorrow!

If you are looking for credit repair services with a personal touch, Pyramid has to be the best credit repair company for you in the market. The service model is based on their performance, so pay as you go and watch the magic happen. Don’t worry about being tied down to long term contracts with unnecessary clauses, cancel any time if you feel that this isn’t the credit repair service for you. Let’s look into Pyramid’s pros and cons.

The Good

  • Ninety-day Warranty: Any rational consumer would try something before committing to it for the long haul. With Pyramid Credit Repair, you don’t get a trial period, but the 90-day no holds barred warranty period will refund you of all troubles in case there’s no progress in credit repair or if you’re left unsatisfied.
  • The supreme team of Attorneys: There are only a handful of credit repair companies in the market that have attorneys guarding the customers against all fours. Pyramid Credit Repair is very much one of them, and they have a whole team of Attorneys vouching for you from NY. Safe to say that you are guaranteed safe credit flight with Pyramid!
  • No Initial Fee: There’s no need to lock you up with Pyramid and no need to splash the cash on the first contact. You don’t have to pay an introductory fee and you’ll be billed after five to ten days of enjoying Pyramid’s service.

The Bad

  • It’s Relatively New: Some of the best credit repair companies in the market are as old as 20 years. When it comes to Pyramid, however, it came to inception in 2010, which is relatively new in comparison to others. Pyramid is still a pioneer though.
  • It’s Not Available Everywhere: Pyramid is a provider of the good stuff, no doubt about that. However, if you reside in states of Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, and Wisconsin, Pyramid won’t be there to help you. You can call credit repair companies without a shred of the doubt though.

Our Verdict

Credit repair is not a joke and with Pyramid Credit Repair by your side, you can ensure that your credit report is rid of all glitches and blotches. Although it is relatively new in the market, this is the best credit repair company in the market in terms of performance as a newbie. Do give Pyramid Credit Repair a call and talk about your financial situation—they’d be glad to help you!

Contact Pyramid Credit Repair>>

5. Sky Blue Credit Repair

Fee: $79 per month

Let’s just say that Sky Blue Credit Repair is the pioneer in credit repair. Talking on the grounds of exceptional service, simplest price tag and all-game credit building, Sky Blue is slaying it in the credit repair business.

The services cost just $79/month. In that, Sky Blue disputes 15 items on your credit report i.e. 5 items per credit bureau. It does so once in every 35 days, and any query can be brought up to their graciously helpful service representatives.

Sky Blue is not just another pushy sales guy. We’ve said the same about National Debt Relief when it comes to Debt Settlement, as both of these companions would educate you about what you can do to solve your problem by yourself.

The Good

  • 90-Day Guarantee: It’s as simple as it gets—give Sky Blue a run for the money for 90 days and you have a money-back guarantee backing you up in case you aren’t satisfied.
  • The Price: If you look at the flat rate of $79/month for everything to repair your credit, it is a steal. The results speak for themselves and the fee structure is very much affordable for anyone who wants to build credit back up.
  • The Reviews: Starting with the A+ BBB Rating, Sky Blue Credit Repair’s authenticity is accounted for by the Better Business Bureau. Also, customer reviews throughout the internet hum our serene tunes in Sky Blue’s favor.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Many customer reviews laud the representatives because they advised customers with ways to fix credit up by themselves rather than encouraging them to get on board. So, if you are looking for sound expert advice, let alone the credit repair service, do give them a call.

The Bad

  • Mixed Bag of Reviews: Some very genuine reviews suggest that Sky Blue wasn’t able to crack the code to repair their credit. On the flip-side, however, reviews also suggest that it ended on a good note, be it an apology or the money back guarantee.

Our Verdict

There’s no harm in calling all five of these credit repair agencies, but do call up Sky Blue Credit Repair. Not only is it one of the best credit repair companies in terms of terms and work ethic, but they give really good advice about what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

Contact Sky Blue Credit Repair>>

6. The Credit Pros

Fee: $179 initial fee; $100 per deletion

Stereotypically, the best credit repair companies are labeled on the basis of their time in the ballpark. The Credit Pros are relatively new in the credit repair biz, but they’re a solid contender for a place in top five.

If you’ve been looking for a credit repair company which would bless your case with all their attention, then this one’s for you. The Credit Pros has a solid relationship with FICO specialists that go through each and every customer’s file and work on it.

The Credit Pros provide a service that no other credit repair service on this list does—customers pay per credit report removal. If you feel that monthly payments are a bit too much to pay for and you prefer paying per result, then go for The Credit Pros.

As for the fee structure, The Credit Pros ask for an initial enrollment fee worth $179 for a single person. As for couples, it’s $279. After that, you will be charged on the basis of items removed.

As for deletions from the credit report, it’s $100 per confirmed deletion per bureau. Coming to deletions from the public records, The Credit Pros charge $150 per deletion.

An A+ Rating on the BBB exemplifies that what The Credit Pros do is well worth the salt. The comprehensive credit building, credit repair and credit management services do work for customers.

The Good

  • FICO Specialist Assistance: When it comes to customer assistance, The Credit Pros handles it like one of the best credit repair companies should. Their knowledge base goes way beyond the customer’s horizon because it’s not just a comparative website but an expert talking to you.
  • Atypical Fee Structure: As for customers who feel that a monthly fee is a bit too much to pay for when it comes to credit repair, The Credit Pros might actually be of significance. You just have to pay $100 per deletion per bureau and $150 per deletion in case of public records.
  • Underdog Mentality: This might not sound like the usual, but an underdog mentality usually takes a new competitor in the market a long way. The Credit Pros was found just ten years ago back in 2009 and has initiated plenty of innovative strategies to revolutionize the credit repair sector.

The Bad

  • The Downside of Atypical Fee Structure: Come to think of it, this fee structure might end up working against the customer’s favor. Most of the customers seeking credit repair have plenty of black marks on it, which means it might end up costing more than a monthly amount which one might pay to any credit repair service.
  • Too Many Services: The Credit Pros offer a lot of services for customers to choose from. Most of these are add-ons and aren’t even required.
  • Grey Area: Yes, their credit repair service does work. But the question is how? The fact that there’s no light thrown on how The Credit Pros take items off the credit report is worrisome. It’s very much essential to understand what the agency actually did to take them off and it assures the customer too. This vital piece of information is absent from The Credit Pros.

Our Verdict

If you are looking to browse from the best credit repair companies in the market, do call up The Credit Pros and have a chat. Maybe your credit report won’t need that much work and you can make the most of its per-deletion pricing.

Contact The Credit Pros>>

Now that we’ve talked about the five best credit repair companies in the market, let us look at some reasons why you should go to a credit repair service in the first place.

Why Should I Hire a Credit Repair Service?

1. The Time Factor

Everyone has plenty of things to do on a daily basis. Our schedules and calendars are padded up to the brim and there’s not a lot we can do to make space for credit repair. It is a viable choice to hire someone else who’s experienced in the field of credit repair to do the same thing in a more efficient manner.

Yes, it is very much possible to fix your own credit, but it isn’t a vigilante-job that you can just do at your own will. The best credit repair companies have their own ways of fixing credit up and it’s worth the given fee.

2. They’re better at it

We mean no offense to your credit-building prowess, but the best credit repair companies literally have a job of building credit. These credit repair companies have been doing their thing for a while now and are aware of laws, statutes and legal procedures involving credit repair.

That is why hiring a credit repair agency might turn out to be a better option. There are many verticals that you might’ve missed out on credit repair which these credit repair services will remind you of; do give them a call.

3. It doesn’t stop at Credit Score

Your credit report is worth a lot more than three digits on the dot. A blemished credit report might turn out to be problematic when you’re applying for a loan, a job or even credit cards. The best credit repair companies cover all the corners so that no problems creep in at later stages.

To conclude—it’s more than just a File

Your credit report stays with you forever. How you want to carry it is in your hands—a neat file that you can show off to the world or a blemished stack of sheets that you’ve got to hide in a bag? Don’t sweat if it’s the latter.

Just give any of these 5 best credit repair companies a call and they’d be more than happy to help. After all, they’re just three digits, we’ve taken care of bigger problems, haven’t we?


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