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10 Tricky Ways to get Free Cell Phone Service

how to get free cell phone service without paying

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In today’s scenario of bowed heads and trickling fingers, cell phones are an indispensable part of our lives. We can’t subsist without them; they are self-inflicted support systems without which we can’t survive.

…and just like other support systems, they knock the cash right out of your wallet.

Cell phone services are definitely cheap as pricy as the local landline plans a decade ago when it used to be a luxury. The dial-up connection, its mildly erratic-yet-fulfilling sounds, and dad’s reaction when he saw the bill—priceless.

But in today’s scenario, there are shortcuts for everything. If you know how to get free cell phone service without paying, you can get it done.

It was inevitable and we saw it coming, for cell phones are the most important consumer product in the market today. So I’ve decided to help you out by teaching you how to get free cell phone service without paying.

Down below are 10 companies that will provide free cell phone service without paying ANYTHING (sorta). Relieve your pockets of financial jitters and scroll through Instagram with these free cell phone services.

1. FreedomPop

When you Google’d “how to get free cell phone service without paying”, you probably weren’t expecting a free-for-real service to pop up. But we have a tough contender to surprise you—FreedomPop.

FreedomPop is a 100% legit cell phone service provider that blesses its users with free data, talk-time and SMS service. Sign up for just forty-something dollars and you are eligible to avail FreedomPop’s free plan.

The free plan from FreedomPop provides you with a 500MB worth of 4G data, 200 minutes of talk-time and 500 text messages. If you approach another cell phone service provider and ask for the same plan, you’ll definitely be charged more than free.

I agree that this might not be enough for a social media junkie. But if you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection at home and the same goes for the workplace, this might be enough to get by. FreedomPop isn’t like that pushy sales guy who’d do anything to get your John Hancock.

When you visit the FreedomPop website, you have to enter your zip code and email address and they’d verify whether your location is covered or not. Once it is verified, you can avail FreedomPop’s plan absolutely free!

In times when cellular network rates are touching the skies, a free cell phone service that gives you all amenities without paying is a luxury.

FreedomPop might restrain your data usage to certain limits, but it surely offers a lot if you look at the price, which is zilch.

Switch 2 FreedomPop>>

2. Project Fi by Google

Everyone’s favorite search engine Google also has a phone plan—yes. Now, this might not be in your “how to get free cell phone service without paying” handbook, but it is surely worth it.

The tech-behemoth has a very affordable plan for ‘grammers and users who are always #ActiveNow. If you own a Google phone (or other models compatible with Project Fi) it’s just $20 for unlimited talk & text.

As for the data, it’s $10 per GB up to 6GB of data, after which the data is totally free with bill protection. It is Google, so the coverage is splendid throughout the globe. Global roaming charges are very low throughout the globe.

Ok Google, Ring Me Up>>

3. Cell Nuvo

Cell Nuvo’s basic plan is called “Infinite Plan” and it is indeed infinite (kinda). Cell Nuvo works on a Credit System, which is how you get free cell phone service without paying. In its free plan, 2500 credits are awarded.

These 2500 credits are transformed into talk-time, data and texts. Here’s how the breakdown goes:

  • 1 SMS uses 1 credit
  • 1 minute of calling takes up 10 credits
  • 1MB of 4G LTE data is worth 10 credits

This distribution is pretty flexible according to one’s usage. A data-holic might prefer spending all credits on data, same goes for SMS and calls. Free credits are well worth the zero-dollar price tag though.

There’s a “Flex Plan” which costs $19 for 5000 credits, so if you need more credits, you can double ‘em up for that price tag. It is a decent choice, but still below FreedomPop if you are learning how to get free cell phone service without paying.

Nuvo Phone, who dis?

4. FreeUP Mobile

As the name suggests, FreeUP is a free wireless mobile network career which offers free cell phone service without paying absolutely free (I used ‘free’ four times in that sentence). The starter plan consists of 500 minutes of talk-time, 500 SMS texts and 100MB of data.

You can upgrade to unlimited talk-time, text and data for just $40. This is the most expensive plan that FreeUP offers and there are lots of options to choose from. If you are thinking to go free, go FreeUP.

Free(UP) of Cost

Cheap Cell Phone Services—As good as free!

5. Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless, a network which covers the whole of the United States is the most affordable cell phone carrier. Apart from FreedomPop, if any carrier teaches you how to get free cell phone service (even if it is without not paying), it’s Republic.

Republic Wireless has plans that start at $15 for unlimited calling and it costs just $5 for 1GB of data. With nationwide coverage and great price scheme, this is the cell phone carrier to look up to.

Republic of Free Cell Service>>

6. Twigby

You were here looking for methods on how to get free cell phone service without paying. But you and I both know that a free cell phone service doesn’t stay free all the time. Twigby, however, stays true in the long run.

Offering a flat 25% discount on the first six months of service, Twigby is one to look forward to. There’s a flat 50% off on phones at Twigby (SIGN UP NOW!)and if you are looking for a pan-tech upgrade, this is the perfect time to pounce.

You’ll save as much as $1000 on cell phone bill each and every month with Twigby. Upgrade your cell phone carrier to Twigby today!

Cell-Carrier Messiah>>

7. Ting

This monosyllable cell carrier that sounds like a notification alert (ting!) is giving a chance to get free cell phone service without paying. Ting is giving its new users a chance to get free cell service by offering $25 Ting credit for free.

All you got to do is check if your phone is eligible with Ting’s network or not. Ting customers are charged $23 per month, and a $25 credit means the first month is free. You can give Ting a run for the free money at least.

Ting My Cell Bells>>

8. Consumer Cellular

And we are back to the chapter “How to get free cell phone service without paying”, where now we’ll cover the consumer front-man in excellence service—Consumer Cellular. It’s free for the first month for a limited time.

Sign up for the Consumer Cellular service before 31st March and your first month is on the house—that’s right, FREE! They give you a chance to try the cell service without any risk for 30 days.

Covering a seabed worth of phone models and housing its network across the whole nation, this is a risk-free option if you are willing to try a new cell phone service. It’s definitely one to look for if you are trying out new networks.

#1 in Customer Service>>

9. Page Plus Cellular

If you’ve heard of Page Plus, you might’ve heard about its rather neat $12 plan. Offering 500 minutes of talk-time, 500 texts and 100MB of data, the $12 could be a good way to get things running.

But the ceiling isn’t as high as it should be, and the user might be overcharged real badly if s/he crosses the limit. Be wary of it. There’s an unlimited $55 plan that offers everything without a cap, except the data which is capped on 60GB.

The $12 Happy Deal>>

10. TracFone

If you fancy using a smartphone or you already have one, but you don’t use it that often to pay the bill, TracFone might be the optimum choice for you.

Even providers like FreedomPop who tell you how to get free cell phone service without paying encourage its use every month. But when it comes to TracFone, just recharge it at your own convenience with a long term-low cost plan.

If you are looking for a Digital Detox, TracFone might encourage you to spend less time burning all that data!

Trac my Fone Bill>>

We just listed 10 companies which (one way or another) teach you how to get free cell phone service without paying. If you are looking for an option that won’t cost a dime and still want to stay active, these are your best bets.


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