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Everything You Need to Know About Trim, The Automated Saving System

trim savings

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Have you heard of Trim savings? Are you aware that their automated services can help you trim your expenses and save some extra bucks? Do you know that they also have a debt payoff feature to help you sort your debts?

2019 is the year of pulling ourselves together- financially that is. We are working towards saving as much as possible using these money saving challenges. They cater for everyone regardless of whether you are a student a retiree or employed. And they are printable too. We are also working towards paying all the debts owed on time to avoid penalties and lowering our credit scores.

One of the best ways to save is reducing your expenses as much as possible. You might not believe it but there are numerous ways to cut down your expenses and still live comfortably. As easy as this sound, it could be hard when you have no idea what charges and expenses are debited from your account.

If you went through your credit cards, debit card or even checking accounts there is a possibility of seeing charges for things that you have no idea about. Maybe recurrent charges that you have long forgotten about and no longer need. Such expenses are the ones hindering your dream of saving, and we are rectifying this in 2019. One of the ways to achieve all of these is by using Trim

As usual, EBC has got your back, even in the New Year. Here is our review of Trim.

About Trim

In 2015, Trim was launched with the sole purpose of helping their users tackle their spending. It is fully automated financial software that helps you sort your finances in the best ways possible. From helping its users to cancel any old and unused subscriptions to negotiating for lower rates for cable and internet uses.

Since then the company has widened their horizon to provide more services, thanks to the success of their first dream. With Trim, users are able to manage their finances and living a healthy financial life. From helping you pay off your debts to planning for your retirement. The dream of living a healthy financial life is just at your fingertips.

Over the years, they have managed to help their users save more than $20 million. You can be one of these savers this year.

How Trim savings work

Tracking expenses

For you to know how much you spend, where you spend it and what you spend it on, you need to start tracking your expenses. If keeping track of those transactions in your accounts is a hard thing to do, why not get a virtual assistant?

Trim will help you keep track of all those expenses. All you have to do is link your accounts with them and when you need to know your expenses you just ask Trim.

Additionally, you can set for alerts via texts or Facebook Messenger and they will update on your expenses every time you make a payment.

Have unwanted subscriptions?

In case your accounts are suffering from debts on unwanted subscriptions, Trim will help you cancel them.

Remember that subscription you paid for 2 years ago and no longer use it? The possibility of it being debited from your account even though you no longer use the services is very high. Here is what Trim does to help you get rid of these unwanted subscriptions.

Since you have linked your accounts with them, and they can see your transactions, they will analyze these expenses for you. They will then find your recurrent subscriptions and all you have to do is identify those that you no longer need.

Once you have identified the ones you no longer use, just ask Trim to cancel them for you. And just like that, that is one or two subscription expenses you have cut off from your expenses.

Create your account now and let Trim help you unsubscribe from all the unwanted subscriptions.

Getting a raw deal on your cable, phone or internet bill?

Your cable, phone or internet bill could be lower than you can imagine. Maybe you have tried negotiating for a discount without compromising the quality of the service but the bill is still high.

Trim has helped numerous clients to lower down their internet and cable expenses by negotiating on their behalf. Some of the providers they can negotiate with include Comcast, Charter, Time Warner among others.

If you feel that your cable, phone or Internet Company is ripping you off your hard earned cash, download Trim now and let them negotiate better rates on your behalf. It can be lowered by up to 30% (it is on their website!).

If your cable bill is $85 per month, imagine how much you could save if it was lowered by 25%? Here is the monthly calculation: ($85-(0.25%*85) = $63.75. This means that you get to save $21.25 per month, which adds up to $255 in a year. I bet you have many ways of using those savings. Also, imagine how much you would save if the same applied to other bills such as internet and phone, not just your cable bill!

Additionally, they can help you get a better deal for your car insurance. So, check them out in case you are wondering which auto car insurance is perfect for you.

They do price patrol on Amazon too!

In case you purchase anything off Amazon, you can get Trim to patrol the prices for you. Whenever the prices drop within 7 days of your purchase, they can negotiate a refund for you on the price difference. While getting the money back is not guaranteed, there is no harm in trying. Remember, we are trying all avenues to save money in 2019.

Automated savings

If you are looking for a way to save your money, then Trim has you covered. Actually, their saving service is fully automated. It is a pretty easy and cool way of saving any funds you manage to cut from your expenses. You just need to set the savings bit and let Trim grow your money. They have a weekly transfer into high-yield savings accounts.

Automated cashback deals with Visa

Did you know that you can earn some cashback any time you spend money and pay using your Visa card? Well, this will only happen if you download Trim Savings now, that is if you have not done it already, and spend your Visa to pay for various purchases. From grocery shopping to movies and dining. Just swipe and wait for Trim to save you some money from the cash earned back on your statement.

Debt payoff

Are you swimming in debt and cannot figure out how to get yourself out? Well, Trim’s latest feature is here for that- to help you pay off your debts.

They will negotiate your APR for you with your creditors and create a customized debt payoff plan for you. It is important to note that the rate they negotiate is only for interest payments and not the principal amount. The customized payoff plan you get ensures that you pay off debts with high-interest rates first. We all know that one of the best ways to clear your debt is by paying debts with high-interest rates first.

To sort your financial issues this year, download Trim savings now and start the journey towards a healthy financial year early. From lowering your bills to automated savings and debt payoff plans, this might be the best money saving solution you make this year.


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