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Want to Earn Passive Income? 20 Best Money Making Apps That Will Pay You in 2019

best passive money making apps

Disclosure: The information we provide is precise and genuine to make your Every Buck Count. However, some of the links provided belong to our affiliate partners and we get paid for it. For more information please check out our Full Advertising Disclosure.

You spend a lot of money on your smartphone every month — don’t you think it’s time it earned some money for you? And we don’t mean facilitating business calls.

But how, you ask… With money-making apps.

If you’re out of work, you’re not going to net as much with money-making apps as you get from your unemployment check, but hey, it’s still money, right? You can use these apps while you’re waiting in line, using public transportation or listening to your sister intricately recall the plot of the three-hour movie she saw last night. (But only if you’re not physically with her. Otherwise, it might be considered rude).

passive income apps

Best Money-Making Apps

So what are the best money-making apps? We’ll tell you, but first, let’s talk about which ones are the worst. These are the ones that don’t pay you, they just put your name into a drawing — or they say they do anyway — for the chance to win a gift card or a piece of merchandise you may not even find that valuable.

Who has the time to work for the chance to maybe get paid a little bit? This isn’t like when you were in middle school listening to the radio 24/7 waiting for the chance to call in and win Hilary Duff tickets. Attention spans are much shorter now.

You want a money-making app that pays you every time you use it, pays in money not merch and pays promptly. A quick internet search will find plenty of sites that fail to fulfill these three basic criteria.

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1. Ebates for Shoppers

best passive money making apps

Everyone has heard of Ebates. It pays you cash back whenever you shop at their preferred retailers, including Dick’s, Groupon and Sephora. Download the app and peruse the daily deals, such as 40 percent off sitewide, 15 percent off Easter gifts and 25 percent off a spring Michael Kors event.

Ebates doesn’t make you work for your money like other money-making apps, but you do have to spend to get your reward. This isn’t much of an issue for devoted shopaholics.

Ebates appears to be an anomaly not just as far as online reviews are concerned, but as far as any company in the United States is concerned — users lavishly praise their customer service department! When have you ever seen that?

Satisfied customers posted to the Better Business Bureau:

“I contacted ebates with a question and they responded quickly. Plus, unknown to me, in resolving my question, they found more money in my account than I thought I had.” — Rogo

“Not only did they correct the issue by sending me a replacement check, but they informed me that there were previous checks I never cashed 3 years back and they’re resending me those as well.” — Ellen Y.

Download now and get ready for big cashbacks every time you shop!

2. It’s Swagalicious

best passive money making apps

Swagbucks lets you earn money by taking surveys, playing games, shopping or everyone’s favorite — watching videos. While they don’t pay in cash, they do pay, awarding points that can be redeemed for retail outlets like Amazon or Walmart.

The relationship with retailers is deeper, however — you can earn cash back when you buy from their preferred outlets. So if you were going to order books, T-shirts, makeup or toys anyway, you might as well get it through Swagbucks and get money back.

Swagbucks has been around for a while and has developed a reputation. Previously it was stellar, but at the beginning of the year, it began fielding more complaints about customer service. Hopefully, the company is listening and takes action.

Meanwhile, many users are happy with the money-making app. Binam, a user from India, says on the Surveypolice.com site: “After consistently using Swagbucks for 2 months both of friends earned pretty well … so, guys, Swagbucks has become popular among all my friend circles. Try it once.”

Randolph, a U.S. resident user, says, “I have been a member for over one year. The site provides numerous opportunities to complete reviews. Payments are made promptly and there have never been any issues.”

Download the Swagbucks app and make money while you kill time!

3. Plant Acorns, Grow Oak Trees

passive money making apps

Acorns is not so much a money-making app as a money-saving app. Still, money is money, right?

Have you ever been in a store when the clerk asked you if you wanted to round your purchase up to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to charity? Or have you seen a similar offer with a utility bill?

Acorns is similar, but instead of the money going to charity, it goes into your Acorns account. It’s not mad money though — it’s invested. Acorns allows you to choose among five tiers of risk, ranging from conservative to downright dicey.

If you have an investment portfolio with a balance of less than $500, Acorns charges you $1 per month to manage your account. This is much less than some other investment firms, but if you’re only putting in $20 a month, it’s a higher percentage.

The average Acorns investor contributes $60 a month. Do you know your spending habits well enough to guess what your contribution would be?

On Amazon, Acorns user dragon bait says, “With Acorns I can see my net worth growing, not sitting in an account doing nothing.”

Keep in mind, however, that investing is gambling. Your $60 a month could grow to $70, $80 or even $100, but it could also disappear altogether. But you do manage your own risk, and the returns will almost certainly not be worse than they would if you put your money in a savings account.

Download the Acorns app and multiply your clinking nickels!

4. Earn big with the Airbnb app

making passive income with apps

Being an Airbnb host has never been easier- All you have to do is download the Airbnb app which is available on Android and iOS, upload a couple of snapshots of your place, and get ready to rumble!

Letting out a spare room (or a spare couch for that matter) on Airbnb yields big returns, and when it comes to the list of money making apps, Airbnb coughs out the returns almost instantly.

Let’s own up to the fact that there are too many freaky travelers who want a cheap place to stay, and you can be the guardian angel who’s got their back, courtesy of Airbnb!

Airbnb’s app is a source of income for many Airbnb hosts out there; people have capped thousands of dollars every month just by letting out a room to someone else. You can be an Airbnb host too!

Get the Airbnb app and become a host today!

5. MyPoints, not yours!

passive income apps

When it comes to money making apps, we very well know that each and every app doesn’t shower cash in our laps straightaway, MyPoints is something like that.

As the name suggests, you earn points on basis of every survey you take up with MyPoints, and it all adds up to real money and gift cards with decent payouts. If you look at an average figure, MyPoints can earn you $25 worth of PayPal money in a matter of few days.

You got to take these surveys in utter seriousness though; many MyPoints users have pointed out that they’ve been disqualified from taking surveys because they just filled ‘em up without logic. You don’t need that much concentration too- just be honest!

MyPoints is a good money-making app if you fill up surveys for fun, but don’t lose your mind while you’re at it!

Download the My Points app and earn your keep!

6. Fortune favors the brave, what about you?

passive income apps

Have you ever considered yourself lucky? Have you ever missed the bus and found that the bus broke down later? I once missed a train and it de-railed (There were no casualties, thankfully). Anyway, I tested my luck on this app and voila! I was $500 richer!

Lucktastic is the epitome of time-passing and money making apps, where you just fire up the app, Scratch, and Win! People have taken up to $10,000 in one go, and mind it when I say that it’s all about luck!

The scratch and win algorithm is surprisingly spontaneous and your luck shall be put to test from the first scratch. Also, you can cash in your lucky money in form of cash or gift cards. Win-Win! Download Lucktastic today and have fun while you earn!

Feeling Lucky? Download Lucktastic and give it a shot!

7. Go Refund yourself!

passive income apps

Speaking of luck- have you ever been so unlucky that you bought something and the next day, you witness a commercial selling the same thing at 50% off? Blasphemy!

Isn’t this criminal? WE NEED REFUND! Well, now you got it! Paribus will make sure that you get the deal you missed on; the only crime you commit was that you shopped early.

Just scan your receipts with Paribus and let it cast a magic spell or two. You’ll have that excess money refunded to you in no time. All hail Paribus! We have no idea what they do, but it’s one of those money making apps that make every buck count on stuff you overpaid for.

Your money’s in your email- Download Paribus app to get it

8. This app pampers your 401(k)

making passive income with apps

Boy, you’ve got a 401(k)? Awesome! Is it doing what you want though? Does it talk your talk & walk your walk? Ugh, pretty sure it’s not. This app will make sure it does though!

Blooom is this super-cool money making app that ensures that your 401(k) looks like you want it to look. The best part is that Blooom is an investment advisory that will give your 401(k) a free analysis and you can make Blooom your full-time assistant at just $10 per month.

You’ll get so many insights in your 401(k) plan that you’ve never thought of, and you can order a 401(k) plan tailor-made just for you. Give it a shot!

Treat your older self- Download the Blooom app today

9. Are you wasting money uselessly? Stop!

best passive income apps

At most times you’re just spending too much money, and you’re too lazy to find out where it is going. Although this one does not fall in the list of money making apps, Trim definitely helps you save truckloads of money.

All you got to do is register on Trim, punch some basic info and Trim tells you about all those recurring payments that you’ve been making (and not using them). What’s best is that you can cancel these subscriptions anytime! Just drop a text message and you save big and save it fast!

Download Trim and save some money while you make some dough!

10. Lyft some companions for cashpassive money making apps

You literally drive to school/college/work/neverland 5 days a week. Why don’t you offer a few rides to people and earn money while you’re at it? Lyft is the best companion when it comes to side hustles that can earn you $200 a month while you’re driving to work.

In this list of money making apps, Lyft is one of those which can shower money with a touch! Download the Lyft driver app and start picking rides along the way. Once you get the hang of it, you can figure out which streets offer the best rides!

If you get really hooked to it like I did (and earned $3,000 from this side hustle) you can start driving on the weekends too. Time to get to work and earn money while you’re commuting! Be a Lyft driver today!

Pick up rides instantly- Download Lyft now!

11. Google-Specific Money-Making App

passive money making apps

Google Opinion Rewards allows you to earn money filling out a few short surveys a week. While it’s easy, credible — who doesn’t trust Google? — and the money isn’t bad (25 cents to $1 per survey), the catch is that you have to spend the money on Android apps or in the Google Play Store.

Google Opinion Rewards got excellent reviews from users rating the money-making app on Surveypolice.com in 2016. Last year there were some complaints from people who hadn’t gotten many surveys, but it’s still worth it to give the app a try and see if it works for you.

Jacob, a U.S. user, says: “This app is ultimately one of the most vital apps. I have only had about 4 months with this, but already managed to gain $15 approximately. Good for earning a free game or free movie rental or 2!”

Michael, also from the U.S., says, “Hey quick money for playtime usage. Not a lot of money per survey but little time invested in it either. Each survey takes under 2 minutes.”

We’ve got the God himself at your disposal- Download the app and bless yourself!

12. Take Your Surveys on the Go

passive income apps

You know how you love to tell people what you think, but they just won’t listen? You need to download Surveys on the Go. Not only do they want your opinion, they’ll even pay you for it! You can tell them what you think about politics, sports, current events, entertainment and more.

You get 50 cents to $1 per survey and you will get an invitation to take one or two a week. When you get to $10, Surveys on the Go automatically sends your money via PayPal. They don’t tell you where or how to spend it. You can use it to buy Snickers bars, lottery tickets or even weed if you’re in a state where it’s legal.

The money-making app is highly rated by users.

Jacqueline, a U.S. user, says: “This is one of the best mobile apps to make some money from. I have cashed out before and my payment came quickly.”

Ben, also from the U.S., says: “I must have made over $50 with this company so far. You simply download their app and they will alert you when a new survey is available … All of their surveys are fairly short and very simple to complete on your phone. Every now and then, they also have a movie trailer check review to complete for them, in which they reimburse you for the movie ticket.”

Surveys have never been this fun- Download Surveys on the Go now!

13. Drive your kids to school & earn money!

best passive money making apps

Do you drop and pick up your kids from school every day? Well, now you can earn money from it! Kango is like Uber, but for kids. You can be a Kango driver and drive other people’s kids to places like school, tuitions, soccer practice, daycare, etc.

This money making app can earn you lots of money, but in all seriousness- Don’t go for Kango if you aren’t good with kids or you don’t have an experience with them. Kango has this stringent driver background check for kids’ safety and the parents’ satisfaction.

But if you just love pampering kids, get ready to upgrade your car. Booster seats, baby-chairs and fluffy toys are a must to keep the little ones happy. Chocolates won’t be a bad choice too! Be a Kango driver today!

Do you Kango to School? Download the app and start now!

14. Slide to unlock cash

best passive money making apps

How many times do you check your phone in a day? I counted myself and realized that I unlocked my phone 58 times yesterday. Now think about it, what if I tell you that there’s an app that pays you every time you unlock your phone? Yes, it exists!

Out of all the money making apps that made the list, SlideJoy provides you money for just unlocking your phone. Download the SlideJoy app, set it up.

Now an ad will pop up at your lock screen (a very relevant ad); you can swipe left to learn more, swipe right to dismiss and unlock your phone, and swipe up to see a new one. No matter what choice you make, you’ll make money from SlideJoy, which is nice.

Download SlideJoy and Swipe to Unlock money!

15. Got stuff to sell? Mercari it!

best passive money making apps

Mercari is a good choice when it comes to money making apps that help you earn money by selling your stuff online. All you have to do is download the Mercari app, decide what you’d like to sell, and wait till someone pays you what you asked for.

You can ship products to the buyer and s/he will pay you on its delivery. Mercari does take a sliver from your sales though- ten percent to be accurate. Come to think of it, that’s not a big price to pay for offloading your stuff.

Download Mercari and sell your stuff!

16. iSwear that iPoll!

passive money making apps

What if I tell you that this money making app pays you for just reviewing products that you use? iPoll is one such survey app available on both Android and iOS, where you can get paid for taking surveys and earn a good payout as well.

The best part? iPoll app is very easy to use. Fire it up; pick a survey and start filling it up. You can earn $10 in a matter of an hour or so. Talk about easy money! Download iPoll and voice your opinion today!

Polls are boring, but this one isn’t. Download SlideJoy

17. Make money while you walk

passive income apps

Do you ever need the motivation to step up and get yourself in shape? Wake up early and start jogging? Brisk morning walks, maybe? Well, now you got it! SweatCoin is one of those money making apps that pay you SweatCoins for the number of steps you take.

No, these SweatCoins aren’t like bottle-caps; you can cash them in and earn big. People have won iPhones, $1000 worth PayPal cash, Borneo expedition, and what not! These prizes keep getting better every passing day.

All you got to do is download the SweatCoin app (which is only available on iOS) and sync it with your phone’s GPS. It also supports smart wearable devices, more power to you if you own one. You can also donate your SweatCoin earnings to charity.

Walk your way to Money, Download SweatCoin now!

18. Make money while you shop!

best passive money making apps

There’s this super-cool app called ShopKick, with which takes daily visits to the convenience store on to the next level. All you got to do is download this money making app, register, and voila!

Every time you shop in one of the partner stores, you’ll earn ‘Kicks’ which can be cashed in the form of gift cards. ShopKick gives out free gift cards for the Kicks you earn. This app works in-store as well as online. What can be better than earning money while you shop?

Download the ShopKick app and your next visit to the store won’t be lame!

19. Coupon? More like Swoup-on!

making passive income with apps

Swoup is one of those money making apps that help you save money at first with coupons, but here comes the game changer – The money you save with Swoup can be used to:

  • Pay your Student debt
  • Reduce the college costs for the future
  • Donations to charity
  • Savings for retirement or vacations
  • Future spending

This is an awesome initiative that puts a sense of responsibility for the future in people’s minds. I’ve been using Swoup for a long time, now’s your chance!

Download Swoupon and save for a better tomorrow!

20. This Mobee Dick won’t let you drown

passive money making

This money making app is called Mobee and it’s not a giant sperm whale. It is quite like a treasure hunt though, where you’re allotted missions (for real!). These missions are basic, like visiting a store nearby and answering a few questions about it.

For every mission you accomplish, you earn points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, money, or exciting prizes. Try your hands at the Mobee app today!

Download Mobee app and get ready for your next mission

RG said: “Interesting and a great way to save a little extra money on the side. You should try it out!”

Money-making apps and sites aren’t get-rich-quick schemes, but many are legitimate ways to slowly build up some extra spending (or saving) money.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, says the Chinese proverb. That is exactly our philosophy here, where our goal is to encourage consumers to put the effort in that it takes to save money, even when it’s just a little, because the truth is, Every Buck Counts.


Be an influencer. Share what your voice say and get paid. Get rewarded with gift cards and cashout and change the product of tomorrow.


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