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Beat the Heat: 40 Fresh Ways to Make Money in the Summer

how to make money in the summer

Disclosure: The information we provide is precise and genuine to make your Every Buck Count. However, some of the links provided belong to our affiliate partners and we get paid for it. For more information please check out our Full Advertising Disclosure.

With summers approaching, people are willing to soak up the sun and embrace the brighter side of life. The onset of summers is usually on a high note across the US as people all over get their tax refunds and are brimming with enthusiasm.

One of many serendipities of the summer season is that it curbs the laziness inside of us; pulls us out of our covers and ignites our senses. Summer lights up the fire. It invokes positivity and calls for people to take on the world with full spirit and stop hibernating beneath the covers.

Taking on the world means being in total control, looking life in the eye and being liberated in every sense; financially as well. Earn as much as possible is the unspoken ethos of the summer that reverberates all across because THE WINTER IS COMING, it always has been coming.

Summers offer time to try something new (at least to most people) and make extra money. It’s likely that you have been wanting to try so many things with the goal of sourcing another income stream but life generally doesn’t allow.

There are many ways to make money in the summer and they are all easier than you would have ever thought of. The best part is most of them don’t require you to even step out of your house. All you need is a PC and an internet connection….. just Plug n Play (wink).

1. Watch videos and show off your video gaming skills

To folks who have no idea that they can make money by playing video games, Good Morning! For once, you may think it to be a scam. But it ain’t so.

Inbox Dollars pays you to watch videos or play games. It gives you a bonus of $5 to start off with.

Go for it!

2. Earn money whilst shopping

What’s wrong in getting a bit of cash back on the things you buy online. Consider buying via Ebates. It offers huge discounts on products which may reach up to 25% and the best part is that you don’ have to redeem any points to get the cash back.

Ebates actually works on the affiliate marketing model. They get paid to list the products of the merchants on their site.

Go for it!

3. Wander through the web and get rewarded

The very fact that you are reading this article confirms that you are keen on looking for savvy ways to earn money on the internet and that you spent quite a lot of time on the internet. So, why not make money from your rendezvous with the internet.

With Swagbucks, you can earn SBs the official currency of the site which could be turned into money. You can earn things like a free gift card from Amazon for doing various tasks on their browser.

Swagbucks allows you to earn money by voicing out your opinions via surveys; making money online doesn’t get any easier than this.

Go for it!

4. Peruse the emails

Going through the sponsored emails is yet another savvy way to make money online. Vindale Research pays you to read sponsored emails. You can also be rewarded for rounding out surveys, watching videos online and finding rewards code online.

The only catch is that you have got to have $50 to cash out via PayPal. However, Vindale research pays you more than compared to other survey-based sites.

Go for it!

5. Let your fingers do the talking – Write a blog

For online business models may come and online business models may Go, but blogging remains the favorite.

Blogging is perhaps one of the best ways to make money. Blogging is pretty much like farming. You irrigate your blog through organic content and use insecticides through sanitizing the blog and harvest the crop or traffic out of your blogs.

Blogging can take you miles provided that you find your niche and stay connecting with your audience through content marketing and other channels and recycle those leads/customers time and again.

If you feel that you have the knack for writing and believe that you can be a good wordsmith, go register yourself at iWriter. This is the forum where you can exhibit your writing skills and make good money out of it. If you are consistent at producing top quality articles, you will be elevated to the next level where you are paid more for every piece you write.

Have you always wanted to start a blog but were deterred by the process of setting it up. You can sign up for affordable hosting for less than $3 a month through Bluehost and register your domain name and get your site running in a matter of minutes.

Go for it!

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

The changing paradigms of business and the convergence of technologies have removed the constraints of time and distance whilst doing business. Today, you can virtually assist any business from anywhere, thanks to the ubiquitous nature of the internet.

As a Virtual Assistant, you can oversee and help with a number of tasks such as social media management, email management, scheduling meetings, market research and the list goes on and on.

My friends Camilla started as a VA for email management last year. She now earns $30 per hours and she manages all this while being a stay-at-home mom job. This means with the right skill set, you can earn more than $40 per hour without having to move a limb off the couch.

If you are willing to freelance as a VA. sign up for Fiverr and connect with those who are looking for VAs with the skill set like yours.

Go for it!

7. Share your skills, MASTER!

Are you a master of a certain trade? You have your majors in a particular subject, wrote a dissertation on the same but could never really pursue the profession you wanted. Chill, you can always make money from imparting knowledge of the subject you specialize in.

It is as simple as creating an online course and selling it via Teachable. You will be surprised to know about how many people are looking for tutorials like yours throughout the world.

If you feel like you are the maestro and can help people in honing their skills, the educate people via Teachable and earn decent money out of it.

Go for it!

8. Proofread – Skim through the digital content

With mobile devices in virtually every pocket today, the consumption of content today is humongous to say the least. Writing can earn you quite a lot of money and so can proofreading. The content written by writers doesn’t get published on the internet as it is. it is proofread and even edited if required.

Proofread Anywhere offers you a free course and orients you with how to get started as a proofreader. You don’t require a professional degree to work as a proofreader. Moreover, you get better with your proofreading skills by the day.

Go for it!

9. Become a Tutor

Are you well versed with a particular subject? Do you think what it takes to tutor someone?

You can earn up to $20 per hour with Qkids and teach students abroad. Qkids provides the course materials and looks after the administrative so that you can channelize all your energy towards tutoring students.

VIPKID is another great option to teach overseas students, using pedagogical methods of teaching. VIPKID pays up to $36 per hour.

Go for it!

10. Create an online course

The demand for online courses is on an all-time high. Creating the study material for online courses may be a bit difficult in the start but once you set your ball rolling, it becomes a good source of passive income.

You may create online courses in the discipline of your choosing. From graphic design to coding to compliances and other non-technical areas.

Skillshare is a great platform to upload and sell your course. People can opt-in for your course and Skillshare looks after all the proceedings from there on.

Go for it!

11. Photographs – Brag about your photography skills

One of the coolest ways to make money in the summer is by cruising around the city and clicking photographs of different events or landscapes.

Shutterstock lets you upload your photographs on the site and you get paid for every download that the user makes. Technically, you get a royalty for allowing users of the site to make use of your intellectual property, i.e. the photographs.

If you are a student, then semester breaks amid summers give you the liberty to travel around. So, it would be great if you click beautiful pictures on summer vacations.

Go for it!

12. Search for manual work nearby – It’s more than just the errands

When I was graduating, summers to me were an opportunity to socialize with the people around my house. I also used to help them in their daily errands but never accepted any tip for the same. Now I look back and say that the tips I was offered were more of a gesture of thanks than a wage for the labor.

These days it’s super easy to connect with the locals and help them out with small gigs and get paid for the same. TaskRabbit helps you locate small gigs around and also offers you a chance to connect with the people around.

Go for it!

13. Drive around and earn simple cash

If you love driving around your car in free time and swooshing through the traffic helps you to unclog your brain, you can make driving your side gig through Lyft.

Lyft offers a guaranteed amount of income each month provided you complete a certain number of rides.  Moreover, you have the luxury of setting your own schedule.

The quality of ride as assessed by the feedback of passengers helps you to win extra rewards.

Go for it!

14. Deliver Pizzas-

Pizza delivery has often been romanticized a lot through Errrr let’s not get into the details. Pizza delivery has been depicted as a gig where you could have weird and unforeseen adventures. However, the professional pizza delivery men and women say that they experience nothing of this sort at least not frequently.

You can deliver Pizzas or other meals as an Uber Eats Delivery Partner. Besides what you can earn from delivering, you could get tips too.

Go for it!

15. Rent that extra space out

Looking to ditch the summers by escaping to colder countries? Well, you should rent out your space whilst you vacationing. Listing a property on Airbnb and reaching out to a wide group of people who are looking for accommodation in an abode like yours, is possible through Airbnb.

You just have to list the rent that you are expecting and when you give confirmation to an applicant, Airbnb just charges 3% of the total rent. Besides this fee, there isn’t a single penny that you have to spend all through the process.

So, if you have got an additional property, try renting it out through Airbnb to add another stream of income.

Go for it!

16. Rent out your car

If you own a car which for the most part graces your garage, you can rent it out to others through service like Turo. Just confirm that your car insurance cover allows this type of renting. You can make up to $800 per month after renting your car through Turo.

This way, you can make money with your seldom driven car and also minimize the maintenance cost by renting it because the more frequently the car is driven, the lesser is its maintenance cost.

Go for it!

17. Sell your used mobile sets

Ever wondered, what’s the old mobile phone of yours from the days of GOT season 1 doing in your cupboard? Well, there are more rewarding ways of abandoning your cell phone. We understand the sentimental value that you have for your old phone but what’s the point of cluttering your home with old gadgets?

If you have got an old mobile phone, sell it off over Gazelle. It’s really simple to list your mobile phone on the site. You could get decent prices for your used phone via Gazelle.

Go for it!

18. Invest the spare change coz Every Buck Counts

Acorns is an app which rounds up your purchases or monthly bills and invests those extra cents for you. Acorns, as an app, is synced with your overall personal finance goal of making the most out of your money and shares the ethos of every buck counts. Registering with acorns will make you aware of the loose change and make good money for you over the long haul which otherwise would have been wasted.

Go for it!

19. Invest for a cause

If the idea of becoming the Wolf of Wall Street doesn’t intrigue you, investing for the greater good will definitely soothe your psyche. Swell Investing is a platform that connects you with causes; firms or projects which are determined to make planet earth a greener one.

Not only this, Swell investing keeps you in total control of your portfolio and produces many investing options at your proposal from the fields of Zero Waste, Clean Water, Healthy Living, Green Tech, Renewable Energy and Disease Eradication.

Go for it!

20. Go, girl! – Invest your money via Ellevest

Well, this might come up as a sexist point in our rundown as it only caters to females.

Well, EBC has always voiced in favor of women and there is no denying that discrimination against women is quite deep-rooted in our society. Women max out their average salaries at a younger age compared to men. Concerns like pin tax and gender pay gap still haunt us.

Ellevest is an investing platform which assists, educates and guides women through the investment process and helps them to grow their savings. Thus, empowering them financially and overcoming the pay gap.

Go for it!

21. Invest for a better tomorrow through Betterment

As a novice, you may have many inhibitions about investing. Betterment helps you invest in diverse portfolios and make money out of market returns over a long period of time with just $1000.

Also, Betterment guides you through the process of investing right from investing in equities and stock to mitigating the risk at the time of closure so that you don’t end up losing money at the climax.

Go for it!

22. Mollycoddle Furbabies

All the dog persons out there, you have the opportunity to pamper doggies and get paid to do so. How wonderful, isn’t it. Seldom do the people find jobs which they love and make a decent living out of it.

Rover allows you to zone out into the world of dogs, pamper them, pet sit the, take them out for a walk and get paid to do all this. What else could you ask for?

Go for it!

22. Babysit and spread the love

Babysitting is perhaps one of the most popular side gigs. It allows people to mollycoddle babies, look after them and create a bond which is priceless. Besides, fulfilling their belongingness needs, babysitters can also make a lot of money depending on who their client is and which city and neighborhood do they hail from.

Go for it!

24. Self publish a book – Let the world read your masterpiece

All your life you have been reading fiction. So much that many times fictional scripts start to pop in your head with plots and subplots. However, you don’t know your way through publishing a book. You don’t know the literary agent who would reach out to publication houses on your behalf.

Further, you have no idea about how to approach beta readers and other kinds of stuff. The evolution of the self-publishing landscape has made it possible for the authors to get their work published at the click of a button. One doesn’t even have to make extra efforts to get their work copyright protected.

Publishing platforms like Amazon bring all the services under one umbrella and let you create digital copies of your book besides the paperback version. Moreover, platforms like Amazon self-publishing pay you decent royalties which otherwise are hard to bargain for.

Go for it!

25. Have a digital business of your own

The best way to make money in the summer or for that any time of the year is to do one’s own business. The only means to self actualize one’s full potential is business. With the advent of the internet, businesses no longer need to have a physical place for carrying out their operations.

If you have products which you can sell online, then Shopify lets you set up an e-commerce website of your own. You will have a virtual storefront and the power to administrate your store with a simple interface.

Shopify also offers you a feature of drop shipping. With the help of this feature, you can sell those products which are not in your inventory. You buy a product from the wholesaler on the receipt of an order form the buyer and Shopify ships it to the buyer.

Go for it!

26. Be a lifeguard – Baywatch Style

One of the coolest ways to make money in the summers is by becoming a member of the team Baywatch. Even though you might not get to hang out with Pamela Anderson or other slender women with appealing bodies, you will have the luxury of having a plunge in the cool water to beat the heat.

This way, you can make up to $15 per hour or more if you are CPR certified.

27. Coach – Unleash the sportsmen spirit

This may be more than becoming a referee for a face-off of two baseball teams in your neighborhood. Summers and falls are like a carnival for sports enthusiasts. Look around and you might get to coach people who have enrolled for summer camps.


28. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost helps firm in building their product strategy and marketing campaigns by reflecting what the hive mind of particular demography says about a product or a service.

Opinion Outpost asks you various questions which may or may not be directly related to the consumption of a particular product or a service. It conducts market research through Questionnaire/Surveys – the instrument for first-hand market research.

Opinion Outpost rewards you for your genuine interest in filling out surveys. It’s simple Math – you earn points for every answer you give. These points can later be encashed or traded to buy gift vouchers.

Go for it!

29. Ipsos I-Say

The I -Say by Ipsos is one of the most popular survey forums where people make easy money online. It has surveys, quizzes, loyalty programs, and polls, etc. You earn rewards every time you round out a survey.

You can trade anything for rewards such as music subscriptions and gift cards etc. Try browsing through I – Say if you are looking for quick money… real quick money!

Go for it!

30. E-Poll surveys

Now, this one’s a more serious survey based site. The registration to this site is swift. You just have to sign up and an activation link waits for you in your inbox.

Signing up will you 100 points and there’s a monthly draw which earns you $1000 (definitely worth trying your luck). A good way to kick start your online money making the expedition.

Go for it!

31. VIP Voice SOI

This survey -based website guides you through the process of making money online. It offers you surveys to round out and rewards you for the same.

VIP Voice has just rolled out a new offer – If a user completes 5 surveys within the first 30 days of enrollment, then he/she would get 25,000 points. Today, firms are striving hard to acquire a customer-first approach. This is only possible if they get an insight into their prospective customer’s mind and what their target audience thinks about their offerings on the whole.

These points when accumulated over a period of time can help you participate in sweepstakes. The prizes could be anything from gift cards to all-expense paid trips.

Go for it!

32. Global Test Market

The Global Test Market is the place where firms conduct their market research for product enhancement and enrichment of user experience.

The points can be redeemed after filling out survey forms in the form of merchandised product, PayPal Money and Amazon Gift cards. Once help firms strike the right chord with its potential buyers by joining the Global Test Market.

Go for it!

33. MoolaDays

Well, MoolaDays is your window to La La Land. Earning money is super easy with Moola Days and you can earn money for referrals, reading your email and shopping.

You get a sign-up bonus of $3 and the surveys are sent via mail. Minimum payout is $15 which is a boon.

Go for it!

34. Sir Vaigh

The overall user experience of the site is wonderful. Sir Vaigh is the war veteran who should rightly be called as Lord Sir Vaigh. Sir Vaigh at times speaks in a highly decorated English from the Renaissance era.


Go for it!

35. eSurveySeeker

The name might sound like it’s just another survey website, but eSurveySeeker is the real deal that doesn’t stop at surveys. If you are looking for a one-stop solution on how to make money online, eSurveySeeker is your best bet.

This a call to all e rovers who spent their life surfing the internet and seclude themselves from society. eSurveySeeker is like an oasis to a solitary traveler in the desert. It could pretty much fulfill the so far unquenchable thirst of the wandering netizen.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how you can get paid with eSurveySeeker:

$1 to $25 for rounding out surveys

$30 to $100 for being a part of focus groups

$30 to $50 for projecting one’s view in discussion rooms

$10 to $50 Per Hour for mystery shopping

It is a great way to make money which goes beyond surveys. Sign up now and get a $25 bonus!

Go for it!

36. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is for those people who try new things unapologetically. These upfront people are the source of first-hand research for brands who are keen on scrutinizing how their brand resonates with people. With Survey Junkie, your opinion will drive brands to optimize their offering.

Survey junkie offers decent money for every survey that you take.

Go for it!

37. Panda Research

Panda Research is not sloppy or lethargic by any means. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most happening survey sites which feeds its users with at least one survey every day and pays a maximum of up to $15 per survey.

Panda Research will persuade you to get up and keep filling out surveys and make decent money online. 35.

Harris Poll could well be called as the Wolf of Survey Street. Need any further explanation? Well, Harris Poll pay you somewhere around $3 to $8 which is quite a good amount as compared to the cents which other sites give.

Moreover, you can also participate as a local panelist and earn up to $75.

Go for it!

38. Opinion City

Opinion City is the comparison website which compares various websites and how much they do pay for each survey. If you are seeking to round out surveys on a regular basis, Opinion challenges can be your go-to site to figure out what all surveys you wish to seek.

Visit opinion and plan out all you will be making money via survey.

Go for it!

39. PaidForResearch

Paid for Research lets you be a part of a focus group on which big firms carry out their market research hypothesis.

This survey-based platform can boost your earning up to $100 in just a matter of a few surveys. Moreover, there are freebies, money saving offers and coupons waiting to be unlocked.

Go for it!

40. Uniqpaid

In the era of cryptocurrency, it is really unfair to get rewarded in the form of dollars and Bitcoin. Someone had to do the task, therefore, Uniqpaid rose to the occasion and it started paying out via Bitcoin as well.

The minimum amount you can cash out is $5 and in case of Bitcoin you can even cash out a cent.

Go for it!

There we are, we just briefed you about 40 ways to make money in the summer. Now, all it takes for you to drag yourself off the couch and look which option is the most feasible for you and hop on the money making wagon.


Be an influencer. Share what your voice say and get paid. Get rewarded with gift cards and cashout and change the product of tomorrow.


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