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14 Cheesy Ways to Make Money on the 14th of February

how to make money on Valentine's day

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It is Valentine’s Day- time to show your partner in crime that you cherish his/her presence in your life by showering with extensive love and affection.

Can’t Relate? How about this?

It’s the season of bleeding hearts, cringe-worthy teddy bears, personalized chocolates, and customary love-making.

Valentine’s Day might be kissy-boo time for couples loaded with love and lust for some mysterious reason, but for someone who doesn’t give a rose petal; it’s nothing less than heart-fueled hell.

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You might be single, which is cool. You just saved yourself $500, yay! Or you might be in a relationship and choose not to care about the V-Day.

Valentine’s Day is an awesome time to let your entrepreneur spirit out. You can earn $1000 throughout the season of love if you know how to make money on Valentine’s Day.

You can capitalize on lovebirds’ affection as I bring to you 14 lovely ways to make money on Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t matter if you are single, in a relationship, friendzoned, more than friendzoned—anything goes.

1. Serial Date Planner

Look, I’m all in for gender equality and this ‘how to make money on Valentine’s Day’ list doesn’t have any gender discrimination after this one.

When it comes to cheeky surprises and love-cuddled gifts, we guys suck—big time.

Except for a couple of us super-creative dudes (the ones she tells you not to worry about), we aren’t the best party planners to bless the planet.

But this doesn’t mean that guys don’t love you like you do. They’d love it if someone could plan a perfect Valentine’s Day for them in exchange for quick cash.

Be a Serial Date Planner and use social media to promote that side hustle. You’d earn $200 per couple, surely.

2. Smooch-Smooch in the Back, Baby…

Nearly every Valentine’s Day ends with the couple making out like there’s no tomorrow (and like there’s nobody around). They just can’t keep their hands to themselves, how would they keep it on the wheel?

Due to this reason, being a Lyft driver might be the perfect side hustle at Valentine’s Day time. Drive these love-bugs around. They usually leave huge tips out of intimacy for the other person.

Never had I ever thought that answer to “How to make money on Valentine’s Day” would be driving around cuddle-buddies, yet here we are. You will be the real winner, be a Lyft Driver today!

3. “Get a Room, you two!”

I have many friends who are madly in love and their only concern is privacy. Most of them live in dorms and share the rooms, so they are stressed to find a place for some us time.

How are they going to find it? That’s how you’ll make money on Valentine’s Day! You’ll rent your place to them. Not directly, but through Airbnb.

They won’t even take the whole day and will probably stay the night. That’s not a bad deal if you score a hundred dollars or two. It’s an added bonus if your place is near a college dorm.

Let the lovebirds chirp in your room. List your place on Airbnb ASAP!

4. Sell Personalized Gift Baskets

You must’ve wondered who would actually buy those all-in-one gift baskets—Love-struck couples are here to the rescue again!

The two birds want to gift something non-cliché and distinct and personalized gift baskets are as different as it gets.

To learn how to make money on Valentine’s Day by selling gift baskets, you got to figure out what are the hottest things right now, stuff ‘em up, pack them and wait for them to go off shelves.

5. Date-Night Babysitter

Valentine’s Day is a time when busy couples rekindle the spark within. But then, reality strikes and they are like “Wham! We got kid(s) to take care of”.

You know how to solve this problem—make money on Valentine’s Day by being a babysitter. Couples generally pay $20 to $30 for a couple of hours to a reliable babysitter.

Add it with food on the counter and pizza money and you have a perfect weekend plan which gives you easy $50 for the night. Plus, your food’s paid for: Just be good to the kids.

Don’t know where to find babysitting jobs? Monster will help you.

6. Sell Custom T-Shirts

Skip that I’m His and She’s Mine crap and go for something exciting, creative, and quirky. Come up with exclusive Valentine’s Day designs and print them on stuff like tees, hoodies, mugs and posters.

You can draft pro-Valentine’s Day designs or appeal the single audience with “I don’t do Valentine’s Day” stuff. Once you finalize your designs, get ‘em printed with CafePress; it’s easy on the pocket.

Now for how to make money on Valentine’s Day part, set up your stall at public places, lay out your merchandise and watch it sell like hotcakes.

7. Deliver love, with Food

The expression Food is Love is thrown around way too often (mostly without meaning). Let me elaborate that expression—best way to your loved one’s heart is through his/her belly i.e. food.

The only thing that the couples cook at home is their chemistry along with a bottle of wine. Rest, they just order from outside.

Delivering food is quite a way if you want to learn how to make money on Valentine’s Day. Two food delivery specialists that allow you to earn extra money for delivering body fuel are UberEats and Caviar.

You could sign up with both to pick & deliver orders at twice the speed. More food, more fun, more money! As its Valentine’s Day, you could be showered with tips.

8. Host a Live Romantic Opus

Gather your group of musician friends and rehearse some romantic classics. Hit the curb with your Mobile Band (make sure there’s no competition) and start playing.

Couples will gather like ants around honey, believe me. Soon you’ll be having a mini-flash mob ballet. Toss a hat there and keep doing it all day.

The couples will definitely leave tips (because the guy looks like a snob if he doesn’t), leaving you with $600 or more when you swill those hats after the gig.

9. Deliver Happiness

For most working couples, Valentine’s Day means chilling at home and surprising their loved one with an exquisite hamper of champagne, chocolates, and well, all that shimmery stuff.

You can sign up to be an Instacart Shopper and shop what they want. The money is good; you’ll earn $20 an hour nice and easy. Also, you can get onto your next secret shopper after you are done with one.

Be an Instacart shopper today and deliver happiness on Valentine’s Day!

10. Sell your Gift Cards

If you’ve saved up those gift cards from Christmas now would be the right time to load them off your chest. You know how to make money on Valentine’s Day if you have gift cards—by selling them off.

Millennials have bigger brains than the generation before and $50 of Amazon Balance turns them on more than a bouquet of roses do.

Cardpool has special rates for buying your gift cards, and they’d pay you the full price. Just enter your gift card code, sell it, and hard-cold cash shall reach your wallet. Sell your gift cards with Cardpool!

11. Personalized Love Letters

In today’s world when you co-author your friends’ conversation with their counterparts (when there’s a fight), creativity can be sold.

I’m not talking about detestable letters that spew out hate and poison. However, you can definitely give out personalized content for ‘love letters’ (we are still very much in How to make money on Valentine’s Day spirit).

Make this your 14th February gig and put it up on Fiverr. You’ll be getting inquiries in no time. You can sell a short poem for $5 and personalized bits can go till $30 to scale it up a notch. Sell your words on Fiverr now!

12. Singles Cult Party

On 14th of February, the universe is divided into three groups of people:

  • Couples who celebrate Valentine’s Day with full zest;
  • Couples who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, and
  • Singletons

The singletons can be found on social media spreading ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’ messages and how being single is better than being in a relationship.

Shoot all your single friends an invitation and let the worlds collide. Bring in party supplies charge $20 per person. You can play spicy games like Speed Dating and Spin the Bottle to re-live high school memories.

You never know, most of the people on your guest list might go back from the party not single. Lose-lose for the single cult, win-win for you and them.

13. Personalized Valentine’s Day Card

Do you know the power of social media? You can literally market anything if you know how to, and clients will come running behind.

Draft some templates; stick Polaroids on to it and voila! A sweet message is all that’s left and your personalized Valentine’s Day card is all set to delve into recipient’s heart.

Market them on Instagram and wait for the buyers to come in. Keep your price range low if you are doing it for the first time.

This is a long term business that can fetch you results on every 14th of February. Talk about learning how to make money on Valentine’s Day every year!

14. Flower Farming

Flowers aim straight for her heart—which means they’ll never go out of style. We know it’s too late to grow flowers IRL, but you can buy flowers and maintain them till the 14th of February.

After that, decorate your yard and host a Valentine’s Day flower sale of love… or something. Sell them at a margin and you’ll easily have $50 extra on top of the cost. You can bake some cookies too!

Valentine’s Day, just like any other occasion is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. My opinion might change when I’m not single anymore, but right now I’ll stick to this.

You now know how to make money on Valentine’s Day. Remember—One couple’s love story is another one’s income. Make it count!


Be an influencer. Share what your voice say and get paid. Get rewarded with gift cards and cashout and change the product of tomorrow.


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