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10 Ways to Get Affordable Food for your Tail-wagger

how to save on dog food

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It is definitely not easy for a working mom like me to manage my 4 kids, and this count includes my husband, my twins and my barking happiness, my baby Scooby.

It was the time when we were trying to get pregnant and increase our family size when my husband came back from office with a cute little surprise in his hands.

It was a week-old Scooby, who was barely able to open up his eyes.

Indeed, I know our story does sound exactly like the movie “Marley & Me” and I definitely think that my husband got inspired by the same but till date, he has not admitted it. 😉

Since then, till now it has been 2 years and we are growing together where Scooby is planning to have kids of his own with the neighbor’s dog.

Well more of this story later on, but it was the moment when I held Scooby in my hands that I decided to take care of him like my own, just like any pet lover would.

And this was the moment when I decided that I can’t spoil this kid of mine and his health is of utmost importance to me.

The very first step that I took in this direction was about deciding Scooby’s diet, we took him to our vet and got to understand his daily diet needs.

So, while we plan on keeping a healthy lifestyle for Scooby, we make sure that we don’t feed him chocolates or any fatty food which can harm him in the long run.

But along with this, I had my twins to take care of and my husband and I had to meet the Financial Requirements to run our home as well.

Raising a pet seems like a financially difficult task in this economy for people like us who are earning an average income, but it actually isn’t.

And people do live with a false belief that pets and especially dogs are extremely expensive to keep.

So, for all the pet lovers out there, I’m here to help so that you don’t drain out your wallets for the love of keeping pets.

Hence, I will make sure that by the end of this read you will know exactly How to Save on Dog Food.

Read and follow the below-mentioned points and you too will jump on the fact that you have an amazing opportunity of saving money on Dog Food. (Which almost seemed like impossible)

1. Always try First Before Buying

Note: Try Before you Buy

At first, I thought that Scooby will be willing to eat any food or a special treat that I would buy but it turned out to be a huge disappointment.

So, always make sure that if you’re adding a family member, a puppy in your family then you don’t buy food in bulk for him/her.

You need to buy sample packs for various daily food options and then see, what your pet is liking and disliking.

Trust me, you definitely don’t want to end up having a 4-lb food packet which your dear pet will not even roam around.

Also, you can get a surprise treat from Bark Box.

They make sure if your pet doesn’t like it then they customize it. (Don’t forget playing with the Free Toy in every Bark Box)

2. Buy in Bulk

Note: More is Better

Once you know what your pet loves to eat then you can move on to the next step and buy food in bulk for them.

Saving on dog food goes the same like saving on regular shopping, the more quantity you buy, the lesser the price will be.

But I would suggest you consult with your vet and understand your dog’s food requirements before buying anything.

Ask your vet for the approximate quantity of food that your dog will consume in a month and then buy kibble accordingly.

Different dog breeds need to be taken care of differently, and to understand this better you can visit Chewy.

Make sure that you check out the videos at the bottom section of Chewy website.

3. Shop Online

Note: Look out for Discounts

When you shop for your clothes, shoes and for various things online then why not dog food?

The best part is that you get amazing discounts and offers when you shop online, so you can shop from Chewy, it offers a great variety and range of pet food.

But you need to compare prices, check out various deals and then only buy Dog Food online.

Also, there are various Browser Extensions which help you in Saving Money on your Online Shopping, so get them now and save automatically.

4. Skip Expensive Brands

Note: ‘high cost’ Does NOT mean ‘high quality.’

We often get fooled by TV commercials and think that the best is what is advertised.

Advertisements and marketing play a major role in dog food as we easily get allured by them because we want only the BEST for our pets.

But in reality, if you check out the labels at the back of Dog Food Packets and compare, then you will find out that these highly marketed dog food packets are no different than the lesser marketed ones.

So, there’s no need for you to spend an extra 10 bucks when you can get the exact same product at a cheaper cost.

How to Save on dog Food?

From now on, you need to keep in mind while shopping to opt for lesser expensive brands.

So, you can simply visit Budget Pet Care and exactly as the name suggests they offer you great deals and help save money on Dog Food.

5. Get Free Samples and Freebies

Note: Become a Smart Shopper

There’s always FREE stuff around you, waiting for you to grab it. You just need to keep an eye on them.

Some of the dog food companies and even various pet stores offer their services of email newsletters and occasionally provide you with discount offers.

Though it is important for you to stick to one type of dog food as switching kibble might get your pet an upset stomach, which you won’t enjoy just because you got a bag for free.

So, we advise you to ask your vet about it and understand your pet’s requirements.

Along with this you can also write to dog food companies and let them know how your puppy likes Only and ONLY their product and the company might send in some free goodies or coupons.

6. Homemade Dog Food

Note: Know exactly what your pets are Eating

This can prove to be a cheaper option than buying dog food and you will know exactly what is going in your pets’ meals.

So, plan a meal chart and ask for some help from your vet, this way you won’t lack the required nutrition and will get to know what will suit best for your Cushion-Messer.

7. Dog Food Coupons

Note: Check the food packets carefully

I’ve often found coupons stuck on various dog food packets and even some of them are inside the packet. And I’ve successfully saved a few hundred bucks by saving these coupons for later purchases.

So, you too can start doing the same and plan on each and every possible way on How you can Save on Dog Food.

8. Add Proteins Separately

Note: Find Protein in food apart from kibbles

A good way to Save on dog food without compromising on the quality of the product is by adding more proteins in their kibble.

You can consult your vet and feed your dog with more proteins by adding natural ingredients like cooked chicken, beef, and eggs.

This method will help you in saving a few bucks on costly protein kibbles and your pet will get to eat some natural protein ingredients which will be good for their health.

9. Ask your Friends

Note: Exchange Unused Dog Food

It often happens with my next-door neighbor that they keep on bringing new kibbles but their pet (of the same breed) keeps on rejecting it.

So, they end up with various bags of untouched dog food which my Scooby enjoys a lot and vice-versa.

Hence, asking around for any unused dog food or treats from your friends can prove to be a great way to save money on dog food.

And also, apart from this, your friends might have their own set of ideas on how to save on dog food.

So ask your friends, put your heads together and start saving money.

10. Ask Your Vet for Coupons and Samples

Note: No harm in asking around

Often various companies provide vets with free samples of various product for marketing purposes.

And Scooby earns a lot of them, so you too can ask your vet if they have any free samples or coupons and your vet will be happy to give them to you.

Plus, your vet knows exactly what will suit your dog and what not. So, your vet will be giving you the best samples which you can try with your dog.

And if your pet likes the sample food, then, later on, you can buy the same from various stores. For online shopping, you can try Chewy as well.

To Fetch-it Up (Sorry, I couldn’t resist it):

Being a pet lover myself and owning an absolutely amazing and smart St. Bernard, makes me understand your worries and troubles when you plan for your Financial Stability.

It definitely is a bit tough to raise a pet dog as they come with a lot of requirements but trust me, getting one is the best decision that you can ever make.

So, you don’t need to worry as Every Buck Counts is here to help you maintain your happiness and be able to save money on dog food.

Simply follow the above-mentioned points and get constant applause of tail wagging or face licking from your 4-legged barking happiness.


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