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10 Dripping Ways to Save Money on Water Bill

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We are in the 21st Century now. It is that time of the year for our planet where Global Warming is on an all-time high, Ice-caps are melting away and the scarcest of resources are depleting with blistering speeds.

Out of all the scarce resources, however, water is one such gem of a resource that you can’t replace. You might’ve fended off the mightiest of boulders and your Instagram post’s “Ain’t nobody stopping me” caption might be true. But you can’t survive without water, my friend.

Water is scarce and more importantly, it’s expensive. Now that summer’s wrath is going to bless you with boiling mercury readings, water seems to be the only escape. Question is that even in these dire times of hot and steamy months, how to save money on the water bill?

We aren’t going to cook up some stuff from our own DIY-Jukebox. We’re providing you 10 not-so-clever ways to save money on water bill that you (probably) know about and give you every damn reason to pump your fluids.

So here we have it—10 ways to save money on your water bill along with the resource itself because we don’t want our kids to take it like tequila shots and get high on scarcity.

How to Save Money on Water Bill for Dumbos

1. Store Cold Water in the Fridge (duh!)

When it comes to figuring out how to save money on water bills and its summertime, maybe cooling up the natural energy drink would be a good start. Think about it—what kind of psychopath would drink water straight from the tap in summers? (Tap-water followers can curse us here)

Fill up some pitchers and stock them inside the freeze-machine (that’s what we call the fridge). After that, watch that water transition into melted ice and quench your thirst like a Viking—straight from the water-bottle.

2. Hop out of the Tub…

You’re paying for water that you use. If you want to learn how to save money on water bills, you got to make some sacrifices. We’re not asking you to restrict your water consumption to one glass a day—but we can at least skip the bathtub, eh?

Bathtubs slurp gallons of clean water every time we fill them in and step inside them. No wonder that this tub-water would be absolutely useless once you step out of it. The only place it’s fit for is the drain. That’s a very good reason to ditch the idea of tub-baths when thinking of saving money on water bills.

3. …& Hop into the (short) Showers

“Trust us when we say that showers are as romantic as a bath-tub” Says Timothy, our 22-year-old intern who plays videogames all day and hasn’t been on a date since time immemorial. We don’t know about the romantic part, Timothy, but you sure as hell know how to save money on water bills, we’d give you that.

4. We meant low-flow Showers

Okay—enough of spinning you around bath-houses, tubs and showers (next up—take a bath in the river). This is the last time we ever get into your bathroom to teach you how to save money on the water bill. Switch to low-flow showers and save at least 5 gallons of water every time you take a bath.

Low flow showers don’t deliver the Palm Springs exotica experience, but they surely get the job done and the people clean. This one comes from our other intern Bile, and he’s got quite a romantic life which flows into the shower. We believe you, Bile.

5. Conserve the standing-in-front-of-the-shower Water

We don’t mean to blow your mind or anything, but the best way to save money on the water bill is to conserve it (smirks sarcastically). When you walk into the shower and just ‘wait’ for the hot water to pass down the drain, you’re washing your bucks away too. It’s summer, and hot water that comes down initially is torturous enough to melt your skin and flesh.

This water, technically known as wait water should be stored instead of just letting it go down the drain. It’s clean water and can be put to use once it cools down. You can make an upgrade by insulating your water pipes, thereby reducing the hot water’s hotness (over to you, Kim K).

6. Gather the Rain’s Dew

Nah, this ain’t a science project for your kids to collect rainwater by putting buckets, mugs and whatever in the lawn. This is how you save money on the water bill by making your house rainwater-harvesting-friendly. This sounds like a huge mission, but it’s pretty simple to accomplish.

You really don’t have to rainwater-harvest-proof all of your place—just install a barrel on your house’s downspout to collect the rainwater runoff. This water can be used to water the plants and wash your ride.

7. Inspect all Leaks & Appliances

It doesn’t stop at taps and hoses. Keep tabs on every appliance that uses water—does it use too much of it? Is there a way to reduce water consumption? Would it yield results in case you switch your appliance with another one that’s got better ratings?

These days, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers are sold under the USP of water saving capabilities. If you’ve got a 10-year-old appliance that gulps down gallons of water and you feel that it isn’t worth it, we advise exchanging your old appliance with newer, efficient ones.

8. Don’t leave the water running cliché…

It’s almost like telling a kid that candies are bad for him. He’ll keep sucking those sweet-beads until you show him what it does to the teeth. To tell a fully grown adult that easiest way how to save money on the water bill is to not leave the water running while brushing and shaving is something s/he knows about—but still does it anyway.

Well, you know what happened to the guy in Jurassic Park when he distanced from the crowd—he became a Dinosaur Appetizer. You know that you can save money on the water bill by throwing less water away, Ignore this advice and your hard-earned money would be swigged down as an Appetizer—thanks to the water bill.

9. As for the Dishwashers—pad ‘em up

Your dishwasher takes away truckloads of water every time you send your cutlery for a cleansing joyride. Various dishwashers are programmed to use less water but most of them aren’t. Make sure that you fill your dishwasher with all the utensils you can before sending it for a rain dance. This saves you from the trouble of using the dishwasher multiple times, which saves water, which saves money on the water bill.

10. The Soda-Bottle Flush

Okay, that came out wrong. We aren’t going to tell you that to save money on the water bill, you’d have to use a soda bottle to flush it down. This Lifehacker bit tells you how to make your toilet flush less water. Save four to five gallons every time you flush and save on your water bill. All it takes is a soda bottle.

PRO TIP: We came across a WTF—What-The-Flush hack which said: “if it’s yellow, let it mellow”. First of all, that’s gross. Secondly, you don’t have to sacrifice on your hygiene for saving money on the water bill. We’ve got to flush our planet’s most valuable resource unless there’s a better alternative.

You can’t just stop using water, can you?

Yep, we know that the best way to save money on the water bill is to use it as little as possible. But we can’t just stop our water usage to save a couple of hundred dollars. The water has to run in the sink, even if our life’s on the brink.

The best we can do is using it as little as possible to conserve it. For every drop conserved is a penny saved. After all, it is the pennies that make every buck count. Follow these 10 ways and save money on that water bill of yours. Don’t forget to flush though.


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