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Cool, but Crazy! These 10 People do Weird Stuff to Make Money

weird ways to make money online

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Look around you, are you bored of this monotonous life? Do you wake up every morning before work and think “Is the struggle even worth it?” Do you feel like taking a one-way trip to Dalai Lama’s country, all that because you’re bored of things that you do?

We don’t have a one-way ticket to China and we’re sure you don’t have time and money to try anything that enlightening. What we do have are 10 completely different stories of 10 people who were done with life just like you.

They were looking for an answer to the question “What’s the meaning of life?” and they found that it’s not weird being weird. If you’re not yourself, then you’d definitely miss out on being weird. If you aren’t weird, then bro, you’re missing out on life.

These people found weird ways to make money online, and they got a well deserved break from their daily struggles.

So here we present you- Stories of 10 people who found weird ways to make money online; time to take a break from your boring routine!

#1 Joe’s a part-time Hanky-Panky expert: $500

Well, it all started as a joke when Joe and his mates were fooling around the internet and people were asking questions like “What is a vagina” and nobody was answering them. To add to their thrill, people were ready to pay $20 to answer these questions!

Joe decided to capitalize on lack of sex-education in this country by becoming a JustAnswer Expert. Whenever he’s free, he looks up for people who want to know stuff and he answers their queries for money.

Answering each question pays $20 on an average, which is a lot if you consider that this weird way to make money online actually works. You can be a JustAnswer expert too, what’s your niche?

#2 Cheryl sells her Hair: $400

Cheryl got a lot of compliments for her mesmerizing Blonde hair that looked like they were made under the creator’s special scrutiny. At a fundraiser for kids with cancer, a five year old girl confessed- “I wish I had hair like you.”

After donating her hair for the first time at the age of 18, Cheryl started selling her hair at HairSellon from time to time. She’s still a regular hair supplier, talk about weird ways to make money online by shedding your hair!

She earned $600 the first time and her earnings never went below $400 after that. Unlike other girls of her age, she looks forward to her next salon expedition!

#3 Jamal shares his RV: $10,000

He always dreamt of being an RV owner, and Jamal realized his dream a couple of years ago. But then his RV mania sort of faded away, and he was fed up of its regular upkeep. He didn’t feel like selling it though, it was his obsession after all.

Jamal finally decided to rent out his RV on RVShare and it was just what he wanted- he earns $10,000 every year by letting out his RV once in a while to very responsible people, mostly families that aren’t into all-you-can-drink parties.

The best part is that he still takes up road trips every now and then in his beloved RV when he isn’t renting it out. Now that’s quite a weird way to make money online by lending your RV to someone. Got an RV? Share it!

#4 Kelly is a serial Weight Loser: $2,000

When it comes to betting on one’s own body, a commercialized version of “The Fight Club” comes into our minds. Kelly found a way to make the most of her body by betting on it to lose weight. She lost 60 pounds and earned $2,000 in the process.

When she heard about this weird way to make money online where she could earn money for losing weight, she saw this as a chance to hit two birds with one stone- A) To get in shape B) Use that money in paying off her credit card debt.

So she signed up with HealthyWage and placed a bet on herself that she’d lose 60 pounds in the designated time period. With determination and hard work, she accomplished her target on time! The carrot and stick work together! You can be a serial weight loser too and earn big money!

#5 Amy is a Gift card Trader: $500

It all started as an obsession for Amy and turned out to be a weird way to make money online. She just loved collecting gift cards for fun. She’d practically beg her cousins and her aunts to empty their wallets and give her those gift cards.

It wasn’t for the money though; she just liked collecting them (like I love collecting baseball cards). Then she grew up and realized that this superfluous practice was of no use. Then a friend of hers told that she can sell these gift cards online!

She sold many of her gift cards on Raise and Cardpool. As if that wasn’t enough, she bought gift cards from the same money when they had discounts, and started flipping them for money! She’s one determined gift card dealer now and earns $500 every now and then.

Do you have any gift cards on you? Raise them or sell them on Cardpool!

#6 The Martin’s and their money-making Guest Room: $20,000

George and Katherine purchased their home about 20 years ago. Their son Aaron is done with college and left town for work, leaving the couple all by themselves. They were bored and the condo didn’t show any signs of life either.

On Aaron’s recommendation, they rent out the guest room on Airbnb, and that was the best decision that the Martins ever made. The house is buzzing with new tenants every now and then and Mrs. Martin makes them feel at home.

When kids walk in with their parents to seek their humble abode, Katherine is on Cloud Nine! She treats them like her own and even gives them Aaron’s toys to play. The best part is that Aaron and Guest Room, both are the family breadwinners now!

Got a couch to spare! Rent your space on Airbnb and make money!

#7 Dustin is an ‘Angry Birds’ pro: $200

Before we say anything about this weird way to make money online, allow us to tell you that Dustin is 16 years old. Now let’s get to the point. Dustin just LOVES Angry Birds- his mum’s iPad is stained with the Angry Birds battle scars.

He scrolled a bit too far and found WorldWinner– a website where you can make money just by playing online games! His talent for Angry Birds did the rest, as he was racking up $200 every year by doing what he loves the most!

He pooled up the money to buy a new gaming console, talk about hard-earned money. If a teenager can do that, you can get paid to play games online with WorldWinner!

#8 Xander invests spare change for a living

When he learnt about Acorns at first, Xander thought that it was just another spare change keeper app that would just take your change away and gather it for a long time. He gave it a try anyway just to go with the hype.

Xander was surprised to find out that in a matter of one year, his spare-change investment had grown by 14 percent- which is big for a simple spare change investor app! That was the moment when he realized that Acorns was out of the ordinary.

A simple spare-change investing app that sets your change aside for the future, Acorns is great if you’re planning for the future and you don’t know where to begin. Xander is hooked to this weird way to make money online and intentionally leaves spare change for Acorns and his future!

#9 Janine teaches kids in China, from her couch: $500

Janine is good at English. And when I say that, I mean Shakespeare-level good, an English supremacist. She got herself bachelors’ degree and works part-time with a decent pay. Her obsession with correcting other people aka Grammar-Nazi landed her a weird job.

With VIPKID, she became an English teacher, a very Basic English teacher; she teaches Chinese kids online and helps her in their basic grammatical problems. The best part is that those little cuties give her awesome feedback!

Who thought that one’s fairly annoying Grammar-Nazi trait could turn out to be a weird way to make money online by teaching kids in China…from her couch? You can be a VIPKID teacher too!

#10 Michael binge-watches The Office: $700

If your name is Michael, you’re destined to love The Office. Michael is a die-hard The Office fan and a vivid Steve Carell follower. He has watched the show over 15 times and still watches it for no reason.

If anything could make him love the show, even more, it was money. He got an email from Inbox Dollars that he can earn money while binge watching his favorite TV show. All he had to do was sign up with them and earn $60 a month for watching TV!

Along with this Michael also fills out surveys for real cash and gift cards from Inbox Dollars. The best part is that he’s found a weird way to make money online while watching his favorite TV show! You can make money too while watching TV!

Most of us are weird; most of us pretend not to be. Remember when Bill Gates said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because he’ll find an easy way to do it”? Same goes for the weirdness inside of you.

Let weirdness get the better of you and break the monotony of boring life- Get inspired by these 10 people and their stories; use these weird ways to make money online. There’s more to life when it comes to making money, try it out!


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