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Why Quitting Your Job To Travel The World Could Be Like Falling Into A Devil’s Trap

How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World

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With hundreds of articles on the internet advising you to quit your job and the temptation to live life on your own terms adding fuel to the fire; enjoying the unconditional freedom that comes with globe-trekking  and defying the concept of time and punctuality, it’s pretty much possible for you to get drunk on desire and get frenzied. However, there is a flip side to living life like a vagabond and that is quite unsettling.

Don’t Mix Traveling With Delusions Of Grandeur

Since we are playing the devil’s advocate, we would like to make you acquainted with the fact that there is a major lacuna between expectations and reality. One has to understand that Vacationing and Travelling are in stark contrast with each other. Vacationing is simply zoning out from the hurly-burly of the world and spending quality time with family and friends in planned tours and stays. Traveling is setting foot outside of your comfort zone and leaving oneself exposed to all possible risks; delayed trains, getting stuck in the wilderness because of some natural calamity or maybe getting caught amidst the vandalizing crowd in another continent.

Basically, Travelling is not all rainbows and sunshine and you have got to gulp in the fact that Travelling the world is more about transcending your limits and turning into a wiser version of yourself and that wisdom comes from surviving through hardships and tough times.

PS: If your idea of travelling the world is like diving into opulence than this blog won’t make you acquainted with the reality as you are probably a multi-millionaire living in denial.

You could be a Lone Wolf while completing your Bucket List and that sucks at times

If your bae is willing to join you on a hippy like excursion than you can’t ask for a better arrangement. But there’s a good chance that you will be a lone wolf because work and commitments chain people and not everyone is brimming with enthusiasm (unlike you). Moreover, your career graph can dip rampantly.

You can pretty much fall off the ladder

If you are graduating or working somewhere, you have a short time frame to realize your potential to the fullest in today’s world of cut-throat competition or else you will be lagging behind particularly if you are not willing to change courses after finishing your travel itineraries. If you don’t capitalize on that short time frame then you will be all messed up and no one would come to your rescue. Especially, from the financial standpoint, every money Guru will tell that there’s no better time to save for your retirement than in your 20s. You know how difficult it’s to get out of debt and travelling for a year (how else will you live your bucket list) will likely wreck your finances while you swipe your credit card in different parts of the world. However, earning rewards will keep you going but one day or the other, you have to pay off your debt.

Not to mention that you could fall behind on savings and retirement as well if you trek the globe because you will, in that case, you will have to untap all the financial resources and your 401k/IRA or Roth IRA account could be emptied.

Well, if you are too stubborn and all of this sounds like an otherworldly wisdom to you, then here’s a first-person account of an Ex-Manager at Microsoft who took the leap with his partner and did the unthinkable, this would surely help you understand the sweet-bitter after effects of a long-term travel.

In any case, you have to work to help yourself

You’re simply going to travel but ever thought what goes into the making of travel diaries? How are you going to manage the cost of it? While there are innumerable blog entries from proficient travel bloggers with tips on the best way to live out and about for $500 a year or whatever… you truly need to consider what it involves. What amount of your funds would you say you will spend? What amount of time would you say you will work en route?

Presently, in the event that you have $50,000 reserved in your bank and you are ready to make a hole in your pocket coz YOLO and whatever. If you want to walk a mile in Ibn Batutas shoe because you can survive on dates then well and good. Every other person: recall that in case you’re not going to live off savings, then you’ll have to work. Sometimes you may have to take up blue collar jobs. And keep in mind that even though you’ll be working somewhere new, and meeting new individuals, and immersing into a different culture, Despite everything you’ll be working.

What if you Freelancing jobs is not your forte and your skills or work sphere is limited to U.S jurisdiction. Think!

Settling Down… What’s That?

Evacuating your life for a long haul travel could be a torment in the arse. The issue is that you will kindle friendships and after that, you need to watch them bite the dust. You begin jobs and know you’ll never have the capacity to advance further. You live in a house yet it can never turn into your home since you know in the long run you’ll be abandoning it. If your orientation is like that of a family man, who wants a close circle and want to have roots, Travelling would be the antics in your case.

Look we didn’t mean to deter you or torch your dreams or something. There is, of course, a greener side to travelling which we didn’t discuss because we were playing the devil’s advocate (told you from the start) and also because there are plenty of articles on the internet which portray how beautiful it was for people to quit their job and to travel the world. You just need to know that ditching your job to become a full-time wanderer is not everyone’s cup of tea and you could possibly be one of those.

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