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You Won’t Get Rich, But Paid Surveys Can Bring In A Little Extra Cash

Paid online surveys

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You may wonder what the best paid survey sites are if you’re looking to make a few extra dollars in your spare time.

It can be hard to tell — there are so many out there, more bad than good. Which paid online surveys are worth your time?

Well, first you have to figure out how much your time is worth. For most people, this is determined by their hourly wage rate. If you make $25 an hour, most online surveys will not be worth your time. But if you make minimum wage — $7.25 — you may find that completing online surveys for cash can be competitive.

And if you have no paid work, taking online surveys for money is worth even more. Even $1 is better than nothing, so if you are retired, unemployed, on disability or have some other special circumstance, filling out surveys can be helpful.

Also consider how much your leisure time is worth. When you’re just sitting around watching TV or chatting on the phone, filling out an online survey might be worth your time, even if it only pays $2 per hour.

Choosing the Best Paid Survey Sites

The way to get started with filling out online surveys for cash is to sign up with survey sites. Once you put in your demographic information, the sites regularly send you surveys that match your specifications.

Beware, however — some survey-takers have complained that they often get invitations to take surveys that they don’t qualify for, which suggests some sites just send out mass emails without even bothering to check for qualifications. These types of operations are less reliable.

And not every online survey company pays in cash. Some award points instead that you have to save up to trade in for a product. Some offer products in lieu of cash. Such deals may or may not be legit — or worth it to you — but it’s probably a good idea to stay away from surveys that pay nothing, and instead enter you in a drawing to win a prize.

Which Are the Best Paid Survey Sites?

Some sites with a good reputation for paying fair compensation for taking online surveys include:

Opinion Outpost:

This site asks your opinion about how various brands should go about enhancing the value of their products and services. It offers several ways to redeem point via Paypal, Amazon points, and iTunes.

Survey Junkie:

This site’s experience is very good overall. It conducts various demographic surveys. The site has a $10 redemption threshold or 1,000 points and you can encash them via Paypal and other electronic wallets.


This site compensates users with gift cards for watching videos, shopping, filling out online surveys and participating in online polls.

Ipsos i-Say:

This market research firm only does surveys — no shopping, no products, etc. They focus on getting consumers’ opinions about advertising, entertainment and more and offer points that can be exchanged for gift cards.

Pinecone Research:

This company collects consumer opinions and offers cash and prizes in exchange.

If you are thinking about signing up with a survey site and you want to check out what others say about them first, look them up on surveypolice or surveyessay. Surveypolice also has a list of the top-rated online surveys in the U.S.

Make money
Do not provide personal information when completing surveys.

Keep an Eye Out for Fraud

It’s important when you’re filling out online surveys to beware of scams. Many elderly and retired people on fixed incomes turn to filling out online surveys as a way to make a few extra dollars or to get free household or personal care products. Some disreputable sites prey on this demographic, using deceptive practices to get them to divulge personal information like Social Security numbers or bank account or credit card numbers.

Never give out personal information that could be damaging if others knew it, and never pay to join an online survey site.

More Ways to Make Extra Money

You can also get paid to give your opinion by participating in focus groups and studies. These typically pay a lot more, but you are usually required to be onsite to take part. Or with some studies, a representative of the firm may come to your home, and with others, you may participate in a virtual meeting or screen-sharing in order to give your opinion.

Because many of these are local, you can often find them on posting boards like craigslist under “etc.” on the jobs section.

Many of these focus groups and studies are conducted during normal business hours, so if you work a 9-to-5, you may have fewer opportunities. However, some are held in the evening hours or even on weekends, so it can be worth looking into. Some opportunities even offer a meal along with compensation!

If you are accepted into the group and you will be driving to the site, inquire about parking and the cost ahead of time so you can be sure the trip will be worth it for you.

Many studies revolve around medical issues. While they may pay well, you must have a specific medical problem to qualify, so if you’re generally healthy, you may not make much via this route.

While these strategies are not a substitute for a steady income, they can pay for some fun extras. Regular participation in focus groups, studies, and online surveys and polls can net you dinners out, movie tickets or Amazon or Visa gift cards.

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